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How do you deal with scorned


My question is here, how you do deal with scorned.

saying Scorned is detrimental to the Blue dragon is not fake.
By disguising people and framing invest, the scorned can do a lot of damage to a court.
However, one thing to keep mind, the Scorned cannot frame the king.

personally. I prefer to let scorned live. and order frame on people I believe to be evil.
in though even, a scorned can make the good king win vs 2 evils.

but multiple people prefer to just remove scorned. they messed up invest.
like invest are needed to find evils

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Remove ASAP. They are actively detrimental and are liable to vote with scum late game anyways. And that’s only if they aren’t a fake claim too.

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Remember. They could just SAY they didn’t frame someone when they did.


I saw multiple games where good king, won because of a scorned.
the Scorned unable to frame the king. was force to frame nk.

And I lost as unseen to a scorned too. but well. its not like the Scorned Can actually side with me. they got to get their mark. if I had alcoholic I could force the scorned to side with me. but we did not.


Prince exe scorned n3 ez


When I have a Scorned in jail and he’s honest and willing to work with me, I ask him to trollbox the king tomorrow (so he’s proven not evil), and try to either let him frame the evils or make him my neutral king. Especially when there are still many people alive, it’s great to have a neutral - hopefully loyal - ally. But since you are actively giving him the win, he probably will not turn on you. He can, though.

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Depends. Mostly I let him go and lynch him if he goes awry, whispering constantly to people I don’t trust or refuses to vote with BD. However, sometimes I will refuse to work with him if we’re low on numbers and he’s liable to side with cult/Unseen.
I hate pretender lol.


If you have a scorned in jail, and all three exes, it is idiotic not to execute the scorned.


What if scorned claims? That would suggest BD siding.


its a real waste of time.

If you can get the Good King on Stand… the Scorned could proven to be a valuable ally.
yeah they are trouble for invest who like good results. but for the Good King… Scorned is literally the best friend they can until they won…

A scorned who does not have 2 mark. has no reason to against the king.


Ally with them and shield for profit


kinda agree.

Scorned has little reason to turn on you, especially if you are in control.


Do you prefer scorned or Pretenders to be neut king?


Whoever pays more
Mercenaries at the table


Any neutral that not pret.
because they could be more independant, against the Evil

Pret has 1 guard… all others neutral have 2 guards.


I want a smart king.
invites Mastermind.

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can we not go out-of topic please.


Well, I know how it seems in the first place, but I wrote down my reasons for it, and I won a few games because of that. Scorneds aren’t dangerous enough to be a real threat, but if you can make them to your allies, they are really helpful.

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Key word there is “could

The scorned could help the Blue Dragon, but unlikely. The scorned could help the Unseen/Cult, more likely. Or the scorned could help the neutral killer and other neutrals, most likely. Why take the chance of who the scorned is going to side with? Once the scorned wins they have no loyalty or allegiance to anyone so they will probs either side with unseen/cult or Neutral killer.

Scorned is a neutral evil and it’s goals do not align with the blue dragon. If you have a neutral evil in jail with 3 executes left. It is better to kill them and get the confusion out of the way. Rather than be the nice player and generously free the scorn d when they can turn on you.

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They are more likely a vote for the evils especially neutral killer than a vote for the town