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How deep can we go?


Marshal claiming Paladin claiming Apostle claiming MM claiming SS claiming Possessor claiming Scorned claiming MM claiming Knight claiming Pretender claiming Princess claiming Pretender claiming Hunter claiming Prince

Try and make each individual step work either on a grand level or as an individual play

So far:

Hunter -> Prince - To bait attacks off prince
Pretender -> Hunter - To seem to be a confirmed BD
Princess -> Pretender - So evils will try and help you even though you are actually good
Pretender -> Princess -> pretender - so BD will THINK you are doing the above and vote you with minimal holes in your claim
Knight -> Pretender - Lolreactiontest. Also Knights are always scum for some reason
MM -> Knight - Knight is an easy fake claim
Scorned -> MM - To get the EK vote
Possessor -> Scorned - To get neuts in BD support
SS -> Possessor - To tank a lynch
MM -> SS - To get the NK’s trust
Apostle -> MM - To stop WKM
Paladin -> Apostle - Lolreactiontest
Marshal -> Paladin - To make people think it’s safe to whisper

I know you know I know you know… ect mentality is in full effect. Try and make the chain as interesting as possible


Bonus points if you test it


One day I got to be the last unseen standing fakeclaiming Pretender fakeclaiming Princess.
Endgame was inq x me x reaper
King died, I stepped up

Reaper thought I was Pretender and Inq was BD, so they voted me up.
Inq thought I was BD and voted me up because BD helped him a lot.

I become evil king.
Me and the Inquisitor lynch the Reaper together.

Inq: BD did so much for me <3

The Unseen and the Inquisitor wins!


flashbacks to eevee as Cheater/Shooter fakeclaiming Hybrid fakeclaiming Technician


BD vs Reaper? Unseen win


Fool > CW > Knight > Scorned > Maid > Assassin > Knight > Inquis > Marshal > Paladin > Apostle > Noble > Poss > MM > Princess > Pretender > Princess > Pretender > Sellsword > Butler > Hunter > Prince > Fool


Alright, let’s see if a list can be made with that
Prince > Fool - To make sure you won’t be lynched
Hunter > Prince - To bait attacks off the Prince
Butler > Hunter - To hide the fact you’re going to poison the King D4
Sellsword > Butler - To gain the BD’s trust
Pretender > Sellsword - To get scum to side with you
Princess > Pretender - To make sure scum won’t touch you
Pretender > Princess - To make you look like a reasonable choice as the new King
Princess > Pretender - To make scum think you’re a reasonable choice as the new King
MM > Princess - All Masterminds claim Princess :clap:
Possessor > Mastermind - To makes sure you don’t get executed before D4 giving you time to jump into someone
Noble > Possessor - To make scum think they can’t kill you
Apostle > Noble - To get them sexy whispers :ok_hand:
Paladin > Apostle - Lolreactiontest
Marshal > Paladin - To make the King think it’s safe to whisper
Inquisitor > Marshal - To record the specific classes of the Heathens you found without being found out
Knight > Inquisitor - Scum never claim Inquis pfft
Assassin > Knight - All Assassins claim Knight :clap:
Maid > Assassin - So that you don’t get executed for being a Knight claim
Scorned > Maid - So you can get them easy lynches
Knight > Scorned - So that scum will leave you alone
Court Wizard > Knight - So that you don’t get executed for being a Knight claim
Fool > Court Wizard - To have the Court exe you when they realize there weren’t any tornados


OG Assassin > Prince D1
Prince > Hunter to Prince so he doesnt exe me
Hunter > Inquisitor to King
Inquisitor > Sheriff to the Court
Sheriff > Knight to the Mystic
Knight > Hunter again, step up, become EK and win next day.
Literally NOONE put me on their logs. GG ez


Best part is it resolves to Fool claiming fool in the most convoluted way possible


MM > Prince d1 - Free claims no matter who players whisper
Prince > Hunter so you don’t die to prince
Hunter > CW when you get called out for not being occ immune by ss
CW > Princess so you can get SS lynched for towncred
Princess > Hunter again so you can protect your claim and not die


Wait it needs to be a chain




Tried to do what Squid said
I got wolfed after claiming SS
then claimed to Hunter I was Princess

and stopped there bc I was really Princess


We need one that covers every single class so you will always eventually reach your real class



forgot to get all the “you threw!” from the salty knight at the end


What happened?


I was butler
N1: Assassin. No deaths N1 so everyone thought it was cult game and went asap to whisper king. I deduced the guy was assa while he was on trial.
N2: Knight because suspicious voting pattern
N3: Knight because no one was reaped last night. No one was reaped again. I lynched the knight out and… he was knight

Then in dead chat the knight went talking on how I threw by lynching him.


Wait you claimed to be assassin? How did that help you?


I occupied assassin N1 and I occupied knight N2 and N3
No one got reaped both N2 and N3 so we put the knight up
I had a princess claim at the time


What claims did you make