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Host Vs (Turbo) (Canned because(uh) I have a better idea) SIGNUPS




Days will be 5 minutes long, or shorter if someone dies
Nights will be 2 minutes long
Actions are done by messaging Magnus
Spiritualist will speak with the dead through a separate chat

ah ha! 7 people vs the Host, who will make the game insane. Good luck

1. Magnus

The Host

Well Known (Passive) - Everyone knows that you’re the host, and they all want to bring you down. In return, you see all cards and abilites.
Host Block (night ability) - Prevent a players action. This cannot be prevented - 1 use.
Fair and balanced (night ability) - Kill a player. 1 night cooldown, bypassing immunity. However, this can be prevented - Infinite uses.

  1. Maxwell




Err. Fine.


You know what? I’m changing this thread entirely.


/in if you’ll have me


(This is basically 1 OP player (me) against everyone else. I see everything!


people vote out host


Me dunt get. /Play Intro