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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


the path was pretty clearly outlined for us tbh

btw @MathBlade sorry for mislynching you, genuinely, but even if it was for the wrong reasons we had to get rid of you sooner or later




the restrictions are the reason the game exists



I gutread Ici as scum. woo


yeah but they are annoying


as intended


Meh I probably put it too harshly but yeah that joke or what not was scummy af.

Can I see the scum PT? :slight_smile:


Keep everything the same, just don’t add the blacklisted people :+1:


peeks in
So uh, I heard some stuff happened.
Is it because he intentionally got modkilled?
Is that why?


From what I saw it’s that, but also because it caused the game to get rerolled

That’s what I assume, since I posted class in chess mafia(still kinda new) but I was a town member, so not affecting the game as much


he was village too
the difference is that he was actively in a risky position and if livi modkilled them only that’d be 2/3rds of the wolves wiped out in one fell swoop


There is a significant difference which is knowing somebody was Town in flipless game and with that it would give a very powerful advantage.


Also because as he was proven town by revealing his class card, all of the active scum would be wiped out right after his modkill, as this is flipless


Also among the 7 players who voted who were in the game, we have a majority for re-roll so

New Thread

@Marluxion can I start the re-roll soon? You don’t have to be in it and I can give your slot to others who want it.


That’s true

Nvm then


You don’t need my permission to reroll


waits to get another role


just give me knight of the blood plz thanks


New Thread Here


hi noob noob