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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


Gosh darn it what happened here

Also the Derse were: Marl, Ici, Max


Who wants this re-rolled and who wants this canned? Votes only count from those who were in.

  • Reroll
  • Can

0 voters


i don’t really care but i really liked my class :frowning:


I was onto Ici. Nice.


If you reroll, may I take Hjasik’s spot if he is not playing?


Call it a scum win, not a can


Town shouldn’t get a free pass because Hjasik decided to fucking cheat


either way i’m totally out if this gets rerolled
the typing restrictions are just annoying

it’s not even amusing like emoji mountainous would be


eye roll
He broke the integrity of the game, only HE should get punished, not everyone else


you punished scum by canning it

make a scum victory but make it not count as a loss for everyone but hjaisk


I didn’t decide to can it yet


But yeah, a lot of you were annoyed by the PRs


Quick someone post the Donald Glover gif


I kinda suspect Ici is scum cuz why else would they kill Aradia N1?


why not just reroll and remove the typing restrictions but keep the abilities and flavor


Here is our new blacklist. I’d rather not have to have one but it seems we do when people decide to cheat for no reason other than to spite the other players.


Hey at least I was right on Ici so something?


you do realise I was actually just making a joke and wasn’t trying to get you modkilled, right?


mfw you actually thought that you were in a strong enough position that you could get Hjasik lynched anyway


I mean
people were voting him up
The game is flipless
It would have been an easy scum victory from there