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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


Also, this is like the 6-7th reroll the past 2 months


Actually it matter quite a lot as people legimately would know he WAS Town in flipless game. Besides why the heck we should let trolls throw a wrenches for potential scum and force them to play around something they weren’t suppose to play around to begin with?


like I see your point solic

however if you were more mad at a person trying to help compared to a person who literally outted a scum unfairly then something’s wrong


I mean, i get where he is coming from, but Because of how the game is setup and everything

It holds up less.


Livicus is gonna be angery


By saying this in thread, you are actually showing your opinion and breaking the game integrity even more.


Its already broken at this point.

And your doing the same thing bucko.


You can’t break something already broken


The game’s going to get re-rolled anyway, so why does it matter?


Everyone stop talk until Livicus gets back.


I mean, look at this. This clearly could influence players. That’s the whole point I’m making. I think players or the host should only be able to call this.


Despire how would Marl handle a situation if he was indeed Scum it changes a lot.


Somehow smashed my TV.

I nuked my TV I didn’t break it somehow already did it


Why do people steal my catchphrase?


I’m aware of that.


Stop Talk


Luxy this game can’t continue
Hjasik cheated


Ya we’re waiting for livicus this is his game


why can’t it continue? just mod kill him and go on with the game


he didn’t reveal anyone else’s class