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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


It was a breach


One scum, thank you, I’m still town


Marl is basically confirmed scum after Hjasik posted a screenshoot.


No it didn’t. Marl’s could have been a reaction test and Ici wasn’t outed either. It is not up to you to make this judgement.

Besides there is also the fact that town has to pick up on these facts.



Are you assuming everyone’s idiots


Yeah, thats the third time now someone has screenshot their classcard
Second time on purpose i believe.


But still, because it being flipless and everything, they could have easily gotten away with it.

Him doing this pretty much destroyed everything that scum built up to that point.


It wouldn’t be THAT bad if this game wasn’t without revealing alignments after death.



Still would have outted marl.


Yeah that could be fixed by just ending the day after the modkill because they obviously planned to suicide accuse if it wasn’t flipless


If I ever hosted something, I wouldn’t appreciate this. It’s clear that your opinion differs and I can’t change your mind on it, so I guess we agree to disagree.


I wouldn’t be joining a game if you allow a scum to be outted and not reroll the game lol


Marl could have backtracked by saying it was a reaction test. He has done such reaction tests before. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. You’ve deprived him of trying at least.


Except his class is a confirmed observer.

I dont really think so.


not everyone is an idiot and i will gladly not join your games if scum can be outted due to a stupid person revealing their card. Scum shouldn’t have to say it’s a reaction test WHEN IT WASNT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE


He did this exact same thing to me in viva la revolution as basically confirmed Tracker. Fake red checks from investigative claims to get a reaction are a thing pervasive throughout FM games.


solic imagine having to talk your way out of that


That’s not the point. I’m saying it is not your place to make this judgement if you’re not one of the players or the host, in my opinion.


Im not making a judgement, or holding mine above others,

Im just saying what i think should happen.



Solic your argument is flawed somehow but I can’t point it out so @blizer go ahead :wink: