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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


I’m Honestly Surprised That Wolves Attacked Her, To Be Perfectly Fucking Honest


Al2o 2orry for angle2hoot ii had hard day + got really 2alty when 2aw ppl buyiing iinto obviious fake red check


Becau2e la2t tp wa2 2cum and would try to talk them2elf out through wiifom


Al2o bu2y iirl


I’m Sorry? You Had A Bad Day And In Retalliation You Mudslung Me With The Most Garbage Anglleshoot I’ve Ever Seen?

Your Arguments Are Shit And Rely On Nothing But WIFOM, And I’m Honestly Surprised I Thought You Were Village


How DARE You Disrespect Me By Trying To Defend Yourself With Such A Garbage Chainsaw!



I’ve Had A Bad Day Also, I’ll Probably Sleep On This.
But In My Mind, Hjasik Is Almost Certainly Wolf Now.


They are not ur obv 2cum usiing wifom to talk your2elf out


Fuck off

@Livicus modkill me

Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Blacklist
Timeline of Forum



What now


*coming out of basement

Good job, Hjasik you just ruined the game for all people for no reason. :roll_eyes:


I’m sorry to interrupt, but the game should be rerolled and blacklist hjaisk from every game. The game has been ruined and needs to be rerolled.


Pretty much.



Hjaisk should not be able to play in any other games


I feel the game’s been ruined in multiple ways, so yeah, I agree with FK here




This hurts my soul on many levels

Do NOT give hjaisk a second chance

He knows what he did wrong


…lol I was actually Prospit but sure


With the lvl of depression and anxiety i am leaving fm anyway and I had to throw my salt off somewhere after that to live with myself so bye


You don’t even say sorry, so bye NO ONE WILL MISS YOU.

You will probably be blacklisted from every game lol