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Homestuck Smalltown (10/12) [Day 2] - Megido's Fall


Day ends in 5 minutes.


0ne minute left b0is


One of boopy Squid scum not both gl


Gut Squid is scum


Day 1 is over. Any post after this will be considered twilight posting.

Math has been mobbed by the horde of angry trolls!

He was Equius. He left no testaments to his goals.

Night 1 has begun. You have 24 hours to submit your night actions but the time may be extended because we have Thanksgiving coming up. So to those of us who celebrate it and those who don’t, Happy Thanksgiving.


Night will be delayed by another 24 hours as not all actions are in and it’s Thanksgiving.


Day 2 will begin in 1 hour. Prepare yourselves.


Following in Math’s steps, Jasmine, was found dead in her sleep. However, she kept her journal close at hand, and it was discovered by the trolls in the morning.

10 remain. Day 2 has begun.


/vote Hjasik
@H_Hjasik You were the only visitor to Jasmine last night. Your class can’t even visit in the night. Next time don’t be so predictable in your night kills


First strike


/vote )(jasik

I can’t ping him properly ;-;


Yes, I have absorbed the POWER of MathBlade and will STRIKE DOWN our enemies

This PR will take some getting used to over my other one


/vote Hjasik

If Marl is jebaiting us here then I will be e%tremely %


Well, Okay Then

/Vote Hjasik


ii diidnt


Game become2 fliiple22 and you have redcheck ju2t after that could have at lea2t triied

Al2o iicii ii2 2econd wolf 2iince he diidnt defend boopy


iicii you 2aiid thii2 before math Lynch iin ventiing thread

I a2ked iif you meant 2omeone iin partiicular wiith that and you diidnt an2wer and ju2t after that 2omeone ha2 fake red check on me


Don’t Angleshoot You Actual Spoon


By The Way, Why Would I Defend Boopy When From My Perspective Math Was Almost Certain To Flip Wolf?
I’m Honestly Surprised He Didn’t


Becau2e 2he wa2 obviou2 N1 target to make game fliiple2 iif town