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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


I mean I honestly felt like Marl was actually gonna lynch me d1.


I felt it was obvious. but that’s confirmation bias.


Fun fact, I was gonna do that too, but Livi never responded when I asked if I can intentionally modkill myself.


Who were the derse?


Myself, Geyde, and Pug.



Well marl finally got mislynched so F


I was calling you scum the instant the game started

What are you even talking about


Pug’s literally saying he thought it was obvious he was scum


I was responding to this


No johns




Good advice tbh, Marl is a bus driver so even if he is scum he’s going for friendly fire


unless he only has one other scum on his scumteam


he might do it anyways