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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


I’d say “GG” but I’d be lying


How did I throw
I wasn’t able to kill myself in time


also killing myself there was the correct play


There wasn’t really much you could do in that circumstance

We would have just switched our votes over to Isaac or someone else with a vote on them


yeah i needed to kill myself fast enough for whoever was voting isaac to unvote


That would’ve been Jas, who I think said they were going off at the time.


also i like how if people had just sheeped me we’d have lynched a mafia d1 :^)

Always sheep Marl kids




Not being scummy was the correct line of play


Said the pot to the kettle


At least I’ve never tried to get myself modkilled


Just play the fucking game



Putting that aside

Don’t quicklynch people you guys


It’s FM 101

Quicklynching benefits scum


You can’t really blame them here tbh

All we needed was one non-scum to vote another non-scum and we’d just pile onto that.


You rolling scum also exists


considering the scumteam had the double vote


also marl you’re probs just calling me bad because you’re a little salty about this entire game.



don’t sheep at all



I didn’t read this in depth, but am surprised Pug was scum.