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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)










Yes. It’s the best plan.


Do it says the whole damn planet


Convince the Liviboi!


Du it Livi, for the speed bois. Redeem yourself


wait it’s over?






Our 3-man scumteam was effectively a 4-man with a perma-doublevoter.

Now imagine a 3-man scumteam with Karkat, Gamzee, and Equius.

Truly terrifying.


It wins on d3 consistently (3v3)


So close

And yet, so far


I’m proud I wasn’t SR’d by anybody at all at any point in the game.

ok maybe a little at one point


I’m surprised I got killed N1, usually I act scummy enough to survive for at least one night


We attacked you since you were the only one who could prevent a guaranteed win.

If you became Gamzee, you could have shot one of us after our ML on d2


I appear to have missed something


I just want to play a game is that too much to ask


Oh Marl threw

: |