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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


Actually @Pug next up is Deception: Murder in Hong Kong


deus vult infidel



I’ll make thread soon


we will take JERUSALEM


even tho it’s different to FM


lol, /pre-in



Quick look at my ISO in lovers

Overally formal starting here

[`=“Firekitten, post:121, topic:65107, full:true”]
I can vote nuke if you really think I’m his mafia partner.

But I want to ask you who do you think is scum.

Invoker looks fishy but it can also be a sign of just being new
I literally repeated what I said above which is just trying to seem helpful. Also I said I would vote nuke JUST to prove I’m not his partner, I have no interest in actually trying to find scum nor did I think nuke was scum.


and this is already a painful start to ISOING how obvious scum I am here I should have been voted right away


fuck yeah


best part is I havent played MIHK before


btw I’ll be playing with witness and the other murderer sided role


I’ll make thread soon I gotta eat gamers


To all players of this game:

No Johns


No John Stan?



Change that to No Marls





For the title?