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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


Applies to me also.
Except I always lurk when scum, but am otherwise serious except when I know I’m going to be lynched.


What’s next in the queue?



I just got bored of shitposting.


How dare you.


Fire Emblem Heroes


undertale smalltown.

With 2000 classes and 18 post restrictions




Also Pug what about the LISA one?



Can you change the title to:

Homestown Re-Roll [Day 3 - Marl Mislynched] (6/12) - Derse Win

or something like that


That’ll be in a week though



well I’m already winston


Well I can’t really say because he wasn’t mislynched by town


oh yeah. we still need to work on that.


Don’t care



The only one who mislynched him was Isaac


imma stop making new projects and finish some old projects for a while.

Undertale ST (due to it being easiest one), Xed 4.0, LISA, Adventure Time


Bored of shitposting?



The fact that I have this many projects that are a WIP is concerning


That is definitely the case. What do you think the title should be then?

We shouldn’t just leave it like this


doesnt work on me since I’m the forum templar