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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


Post Restrictions Are Fun In A Non-Competitive Setup

(I’ll have my long rant up later, I feel like there is too much feedback loop here rn)


Pug you played well so good job


yes your a noob


This or EW2?




How’d I do?


nevermind im a noob


I has no STRONG complains. Also horses are great


i said already but both scum played fine


Gentlemen, we have witnessed a miracle.
Isaac admitting a mistake.


first scumgame where I didnt get bussed


it was so painful to watch this


How So?

I Want All The Reasons


wait but you weren’t scum


I know how well I didn’t

I was mad passive here I think and clearly had too much of an agenda going on when I did post


He was.


Pug, Blue, Geyde was scumteam


the scumteam was so obvious except Geyde tbh


all the games i play i am the real noob. i need to take classes on fol


Confirmation bias