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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)



Thanks to this game’s modkilling runthrough and a doublevoting scum teammate, we broke Marl’s streak


Like original Xed.

because I balanced that for ToL rather than FoL


yOu’Re A dIcK.


bullshit game :salt:


I’m A Troll



He mislynched me, if that’s any consolation.


your all noobs i swear



I don’t think this can even be counted as a game


I want to punch you right now almost as much as that other game.


same omg


scum were 2 votes away from majority day 2

this doesn’t happen in any balanced game for a good reason


I mean it does

But never again


It would be the same as counting emoji mountainous as a game


Post restrictions are a terrible idea




Good Post Restrictions are fine

ones that impact every single fucking message and make them hard to understand are a terrible idea


Enemy Within or this?
Pick or we all die.


You take away the whole point of the game which is to scumread


Enemy Within


am I a noob for voting people for:

  1. voting someone for pointing out your PR.
  2. voting someone for saying to you to use terminology