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Homestown Re-Roll [Game Over - Swift Lynch Marl] (Derse Victory)


Because given the numbers, by tomorrow morning, Derse will have numbers.


So I guess this is game over.


It’s bluestorm and jasmine correct?


Derse has won.



Me, Geyde and BlueStorm


Their majority was already here, and being honest I did not expect this many to be modkilled.





no, me joining this in the first place was to open up the next game
auto resolving the game when a mafia victory is unstoppable is just common host courtesy


Oh okay


I had a feeling when you didn’t unvote me.


There’s multiple problems with this setup

1.The swing of modkills
2.People ask villagers to modkill themselves so they can lynch other scummy people. The solution to this is that you make it so if someone purposely modkills themselves if they are Town it ends the day without a lynch and blacklist them from any of your future games


overall the PRs ending in modkill makes this game scumsided af


so jasmine’s town tells are the normal scumtells got it




Don’t forget me you fools!


Swing of town losing?


The Post Restrictions make this game LITERALLY unplayable
It is less balanced than emoji mountainous


This game: Great idea in design

Not so much in practice



That’s swing


I feel so bad about the ML on Nerbs.

Your PR was great -_-.