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Highwayman (BD Killer) / Brigand (Unseen Offensive)


Highwayman (BD Killer)
Guilty Conscience: You cannot shoot twice in a row. If you shoot a member of the Blue Dragon you will be unable to use Pistol shot. You will also bleed yourself.
Anemic: You cannot be healed from bleeding. You will keep this passive even if you change your class.

Tracking Shot (1 use): Mark a player, if they die tonight regain 1 use of all your abilities.
Cripling Shot (1 use): Attacking someone with Pistol Shot will also occupy them tonight.

Pistol Shot (2 use): Attack a player. You will not attack if redirected. Cannot be used before n2.
Riposte (0 use): You will attack everyone that attacked you tonight. (MAX 1)

Damn – I missed your eyes!

Brigand (Unseen Offensive), converted from Highwayman
Anemic: You cannot be healed from bleeding. You will keep this passive even if you change your class.

Ambush (1 use): If an Unseen member gets jailed tonight, you will attack the Prince.

Blanket Fire (3 use): Occupy everyone targetting the Unseen tonight.
Clean Guns (1 use): Unseen limited use abilities will not consume their charges until the next night.

Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition
Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition

So I know you already saw this but here’s how I’d change the Highwayman

Guilty Conscience should be disabled if you are bleeding.

Tracking Shot could afford to have an extra use (two total) at the start, and if it needs a nerf later just drop it back to one.

Crippling Shot should instead power up your night abilities, and start with zero uses.

Pistol Shot should start with two uses (instead of three), and pierce immunity when powered up by Crippling Shot.

Riposte should start with zero uses, and should kill all visitors when powered up with Crippling Shot.

I actually really do like this class a lot with these changes, and while I will not try to push them on you if you don’t, I’m at least gonna suggest them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also probably change most of Brigand’s abilities (you already saw why before, no need to repeat myself), but frankly I’ve already spent something like eight hours analyzing Killer classes and I’m not gonna come up with effectively an entirely new class. Feel free to do whatever I guess lol :slight_smile:


The class was carefuly designed around the current “killers out” meta. Creating a Killer that doesn’t want to be outed because he’s an easier target than the Prince to kill should stop yolo upping all Killers as well as give some claimspace to the evils.

^ obviously this is a lie, I created it in like 30 minutes while I couldn’t fall asleep, but subconsciously it ended up like that

I believe it is fine as it is, helps balance him from going full rambo and shooting everyone after a bleed or locking the Mastermind down after killing the convert/ Assassin, so I’m keeping it like it is.

Changed Crippling Shot to make Pistol Shot always occupy his target. Should help with keeping majority during dangerous times and I like it more this way.

Yea, I agree. (also notice that it doesnt give you death immunity)

Also Brigand was an afterthought.


Allowing that rampage was kinda my idea lol

Means you can still take two shots post-bleed rather than just 1

Still, your class, edits seem positive :+1:


I love this class idea

So rarely do I see a suggested one pop up that seems likely to maintain balance, challenge, and actually enhance other classes already in play

Aka bump


How about it has a 1 use attack at night that bleeds them to go along with their passive.
Also a mafioso type ability where they perform the kill for the assassin instead, and maybe a day ability that also causes the kill to occupy


Wow original


It’s not in ToL


Fair point

And again I do quite like this class so I’m for getting it in ToL



Unseen Killer

Anemic (Passive) - You cannot be healed from bleeding. You will keep this passive even if you change your class.

Ambush (Day) - The target of Point Blank Shot will be occupied as well tonight. - 1 Use

Point Blank Shot (Night) - Kill a player. If the Assassin attacks a player tonight, you will kill their target for them instead. - Infinite Uses
Sacrifice (Night) - Kill a player. You will bleed yourself if the attack was successful. - 1 Use

Probably needs more


Why would you use Sacrifice if you can just PBS? Or am I reading this wrong?


PBS is basically

If Assassin attacks, you kill their target for them. They will not attack their target, you will.

If Assassin is occupied / jailed, you will attack your target.


Sacrifice is a kill independent of the Assassin