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Herp ba derp blacksmith thingy



Passive 1:armour, immune to death once.

Day ability 1:Fortify, prevents visitors.(2 uses)

Night ability 1:tinker,pick a player, then will gain a use of night abilities,if no ability has limited functions gives message, “the target seems to have everything they need” does not give unique attacking abilities (unlimited uses)

Night ability 2:forge,gives player death immunity(2 uses)

The tinkerer
Unseen, Support

Passive 1:supplies,when convert give assasin death immunity once.

Day ability 1:lock pick,pick a player. They will be able to visit anyone and anyone will be able to visit him(they cannot visit jailed person,and people can still visit himin jail)(2 uses)

Night ability 1:crafty,craft item for unseen,menu pops up like alch
Sword(2 uses) assasin will kill target and somebody else who visits target. Will priority being killer,support,investigative,social.
Armour(1 use)gives MM immunity to death immunity passing attacks, or if assasin lost armour give assasin armour
Key(1 use):give a key to a unseen member. When jailed they will not be jailed.(will remove the “you will jail x tonight when night starts to remove suspicion)
Arrows(2 uses) assasins attack will not count as visit

Dont mind me, i just make things i think are cool. leaves


Get Over Here!

Don’t know why bd class needs death immunity, but ok

Just say prevents people from visiting you. Also 2 uses seems fine

Prevent uses on unique classes. Giving Hunter/prince extra abilities seems a bit op.

Don’t know why it’s named forge, try changing the name to something with armor

Seems cool

So basically a frenzy that still lets you get occ’d, but can also be used on mm? Neat


1 use is good, but how would assassin have armor?

Again good it’s 1 use, cause it’s kinda op with more

Was gonna say reduce to 1, but there’s still a chance they can die, so it’s ok.


1 oof
2 i just thought it fit the class idea
4 Ill change it
8 its cuz the passive