Help me with feedback/advice on my SFoL setup

SFoL (whatever) – Return of the Righteous
Starting early or mid December

Lore: The order of the Unseen have taken over the entire world now. Unseen from different lands have joined forces towards their common mission. Their previous enemies, the Blue Dragon and Hand of Byzantum respectively, are almost entirely wiped out. However, it seems one of these two groups of heroes has returned for a last stand against the Unseen empire. Can the hopelessly outnumbered heroes reclaim their homeland? Or will the unseen secure their rule of the land of Adiart for good?

Scum Faction: 50% chance BD, 50% chance HoB

I replaced the name of the BD converter from return of the blue dragon, Negotiator, with Visionary, and replaced the name of the blue dragon killer, Insurgent, with Heroine, as I find those names more fitting and exciting.

Any of the following 34 Unseen classes can roll in any fashion. The equal signs denote equivalency only for the purpose of determining Convert classes.

Alcoholic = Bureaucrat – Converts to either Drunk or Overseer depending on game type
Aristocrat = Judge – Converts to either Noble or Magistrate depending on game type
Duchess = Archivist – Converts to either Princess or Librarian depending on game type
Enforcer = Fanatic – Converts to either Knight or Crusader depending on game type
Handmaiden = Marchioness – Converts to either Maid or Socialite depending on game type
Illusionist = Exiled – Converts to either Mystic or Cabalist depending on game type
Marshal = Marshal (Same class no matter which scum faction) – Converts to either Sheriff or Agent depending on game type
Duke = Torturer – Converts to either Prince or Warden depending on game type
Page (FoL) = Page (HoB) – Converts to either Squire or Squire depending on game type
Nightwatch = Stalker – Converts to either Observer or Watchman depending on game type
Poacher = Baronet – Converts to either Hunter or Duelist depending on game type
Sage = Forest Witch – Converts to either Court Wizardress or Druid depending on game type
Servant = Infiltrator – Converts to either Butler or Sentinel depending on game type
Herbalist = Plague Doctor – Converts to either Physician or Surgeon depending on game type
Soulcatcher = Blasphemer – Converts to either Priest or Saint depending on game type
Arbalest = Marauder – Converts to either Archer or Warrior depending on game type
Timesnatcher = Minstrel – Converts to either Chronomancer or Bard _depending on game type

Heroine = Champion = Scum Killer
Visionary = Arbiter = Scum Converter

Game Setup: 16 players
King (60% Corrupted, 40% Righteous or Purified)
Visionary or Arbiter
Heroine or Champion
Duke (Unique, only unique unseen class)
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen
Random Unseen / Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Killer

Limit of 3 copies of any non-unique class

In this game, all the unseen can rand from any unseen provided in the list at the start of this post. It is completely random how many unseen will come from BD unseen and how many from HoB unseen. Nothing here is indicative of the scum faction; i.e. there could be both a Forest Witch and a Sage in game, both would convert into CW in a BD game or into Druid in a HoB game

Total 16 players
No unseen class is unconvertible

Scum faction starts with 2 members but may have up to 4 members alive. Conversion is a 1 night cooldown to convert a second or third member and a 2 night cooldown to convert a fourth. Pity convert mechanic is in play if the Visionary or Arbiter somehow hits neuts with convert attempts over and over. The attempts must be consecutive but would carry over to a different visionary or arbiter if there was one.

Same scum promotion mechanics for both BD and HoB as from Unseen in ToL

Non NK Neuts can rand from any neuts cannon to FoL 23 or HoB III.

The NK can rand as any NK present in the current FoL 23 or HoB III rolelist.

The Visionary or Arbiter will appear of a class of their own choice that they can choose and inform to me, the host, to any and all investigative abilities until the start of night 4, when which they will appear as Visionary or Arbiter.



New class 1:

The Marshal

Unseen Investigative
Scout (Day) - Your scout will inform you whether a particular player has been visited by a traitor to the unseen at the end of the night (Detects scum faction visits only, not any neuts) (Infinite Uses).
Expert Investigation (Night) - Learn whether or not a player is a traitor to the unseen (Provided with a yes or no response on the matter, does not reveal which scum faction there is) (Affects scum faction only, not any neuts) (Infinite Uses).
Cynical Surveilance - If a player is a traitor to the unseen, learn their exact class (Affects scum faction only, not any neuts) (Three Uses).

Although no class is immune to conversion, there will be some abilities that can block conversions, i.e. ice ward equivalent on sage/forest witch

Why is there 18 players

Because i wanted it to be balancable with 4 unseen power level scum being able to exist

Is 18 bad?

No necessarily

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do you mean β€œNot necessarily”?

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and what do you think of the idea/proposed setup?

I’ll look at it when completed
Consider my interests


Seems too many neuts

Oh god oh fuck

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And guaranteed classtype roll probably shouldnt be a thing other than that ok

That is way too many neuts
I don’t even have to look at the setup

maximum of 3 non-unique classes each
@Geyde @Emilia Better?

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@marshal damn, maxwell really made a whole game revolving around u


Oh And HoB/BD rolls should be random Cuz people will definetly count flips

What does that mean


How is that not good enough