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Help me please the game is taking too long


What happened?

I bought Throne of Lies on Steam and launched it. The game needed my Email to let me through after I signed in through steam and it doesn’t stop.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

It was supposed to let me play the game

Steps to reproduce:



idk if this is because of my computer or not, also here’s a screenshot


PM dev in discord for help :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if possible, can you reveal your spec of your computer to the dev?


probably not, but i’ll try it


Hi there, this is not a usual case – I responded to you on Discord. I need to see your logs to see what happened:

(orange line)

  • Are you in Russia?
  • Do you have unique characters in your email?
  • Do you have a REALLY LONG or REALLY SHORT email?
  • Did you try an alternate email?

Logs would tell me exactly what happened, though.