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Hello everyone :D


Oh god this is going to end horribly
Can’t insult if you don’t insult yourself

CheesyKnives - Most of the time his brain is off


Firekitten - Prepare for trouble
HTM- And make it double
Whammerist - Insulting him is like shooting yourself in the foot
Icibalus - Marl died of the Plague
Pug- Des Pa Cee Toe
Simon- Is it me , or is he always scum?
PKR- See ok this is the hunters first wolf
Wolfy - This is his second
Frostwolf- Wait a minute…
Soulshard- If you make this




new fone who dis


Hi, welcome (back!?) to the forums!

Who the hell are you



The truth has once again eloquently revealed itself to me.

You are CheesyKnives, my friend!


You have been busted


uh he’s apparently not an alt


Not an alt but immediately makes a thread with a copypasta I don’t recognise from the forum…



wait really?

@CheesyKnives this guy is not you?


I am confused.


Don’t mess with the sunnflower
Cause you get water? I dunno


Cuz that is literally 5 months ago.


And apparently he is not in the discord.


Isn’t the whole point of the topic in the title?
Hello to you too!




That list is outdated tho


Can confirm it’s outdated.


wawit a minute what the fuck


its not lol


Then why was this thread posted