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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


someone end me


is the game trying to send me some subliminal messages


Gonk seems pretty cool. I’ve been super casual for like the last 3 expansions though.


I got gonk

well I guess I know what Ixm playing at the start


so it seems things have gotten worse since I quit right after witchwood released. Am I correct?


I got the same one. FML.



not necessarily


Hunters, Hunters everywhere


Dog was playing this deck on stream.

At rank 25+ legend.

Hakkar Druid is broken, you can deal over 50 damage in a turn with it.



The combo is the same as normal togwaggle druid except instead of dealing small damage and taking their deck

you just win

To perform the OTK
Requirement 1) A Reach Fatigue
Requirement 2) Get a twig of the world tree to 1 remaining durability
Requirement 3) Have both Togwaggle and Hakkar in hand, along with 2 naturalize.

Step 1) Play Hakkar
Step 2) Break your twig
Step 3) Play Togwaggle
Step 4) Naturalize your hakkar
Step 5) Naturalize your togwaggle

Your opponent will draw the first corrupted blood immediately, taking 3 damage and shuffling 2 corrupted blood into their deck. They also take 3 fatigue damage from the first naturalize.

On the next naturalize their first draw will trigger both corrupted blood in their deck, dealing 6 damage and shuffling four more corrupted blood into their deck. 3 more fatigue damage from this specific draw.

On the second draw from that same naturalize, they will trigger all four corrupted bloods and take 12 damage. They then shuffle EIGHT corrupted blood back into their deck. They take 4 more fatigue damage.

After you end your turn, their natural draw will occur.

On that natural draw, they will trigger all eight bloods, taking 24 damage. Plus the 5 damage from fatigue.

Add up all the damage numbers that i’ve bolded/italicized.

That’s right, That’s a 60 damage one turn kill combo in druid. The best defensive class.

Even More damage than Malygos druid can put out under the same parameters. With just one naturalize, you kill any opponent at 30 health.


Means you can’t use the Naturalize as direct removal which Druid already struggles under and it’s weak against weapon removal. Still a cool combo.


Against weapon removal, so long as you have two turns you can still pull it off

Only control decks run weapon removal (unless it’s odd rogue) so you generally have that second turn due to your sheer amount of armor

You just hakkar + coin or innervate, naturalize your hakkar

You’ll take the first 6 damage too, but the next turn you can togwaggle and kill your opponent with the second naturalize.


I’m just salty, because I don’t have the resources to make a deck with niche legendaries, plus I don’t like Druid


If you HAVE to use a naturalize, it’s fine. So long as you have a spellstone to kill hakkar


against classes which can’t go over 30 hp


I’m not happy about it either i’m angry




At least this counters Druid somewhat. RIP, also legendary


If Blizzard would make a spell that kills every tryharding opponent i would gladly return to Hearthstone. Dream will come true someday.
*sips tea :tea:


then they just ramp again lol


It’s a counter at fatigue combined with weapon removal. At least it will buy you a lot of turns.