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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


I pray to give and receive many 50 damage holy wrath turns


YO The paladin mirror is basically decided by who plays their timeout first :thinking:


The cards are so expensive. :confused: I wish they kept the expansion format, where you had to buy wings. Way more cost-effective and more guaranteed.

Aah it’s not out on EU


It’s a few hours off still


Like 4 hours


Also I’m going to try something different this xpac

Instead of tryharding to climb as soon as the xpac comes out, i’m gonna play a meme deck

Surrender to Madness Priest

also, i’m not spending gold on packs. I’m keeping my gold to try out arena to abuse all the noobs returning to the game


That feeling when a deck of wonders card gives you a forbidden flame spending all your 10 mana as an exodia mage. :confused:

This thread made me play again


Solic want to see the new crazy card they gave quest mage :^)


now you might be thinking

Of course, Marl is going to say “Hex Lord Malacrass”

“He lets you play your quest twice! Three turns in a row!”


All hail our new quest mage god

Banana Buffoon


Guaranteed 2x completion of the quest? Sign me up! We ran cabalist’s tome for 3x quest completion for 2 more mana and sometimes the spells highroll into a pyroblast / flamestrike and become unplayable :^)


This shit is bananas

B a n a n a s


also blast wave is pretty good too



alternate way to read this

5 Mana Spell
“Against odd paladin, clear their board and fill your hand with random mage spells”


Also even if the set turns out to be actual garbage, i just want to say

the song is an absolute banger


You think the overkill stacks?


It is confirmed to stack yep


every single minion you overkill gets you a spell


That plus Thalnos or the 2/1 spell damage +2 guy is just insanely good


the expansion is over
everyone cancel christmas

hearthstone is dead


Sick value.

It’s a worse wisps of the old gods, which already was completely unplayable

(handbuffs don’t work, I’ve tried)