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Hearthstone Discussion Thread




Ah yeah Zilliax is good with the 1 mana spell


Could replace the last crowd roaster with Azalina if the deck has enough dragons


also in non-rastakhan related news

just hit 500 wins with shaman poggers


Even Shaman Is Evil


King Rastakhan


Just need 500 with Warrior Hunter and Druid :thinking:


also no i didn’t get my 500 paladin wins with odd paladin
i’ve had them since before witchwood, i’m not a degenerate



Are you sure about that?

KnC Aggro Pally



Not in paladin anyway
Ignore that even shaman


I played midrange pally a ton in TGT

a silly amount

also control pally in ungoro


In the beta i was running one of the earliest builds of midrange paladin with cult master and knife jugglers pre nerf

it was a sleeper op deck


I’ve only got Warrior Golden from Dragon Warrior in WotG


I regret not abusing undertaker hunter and patron warrior more :joy:


I wouldn’t call it easy to abuse Patron

But undertaker…

I couldn’t be in the same room as that filth


Patron lul


Talking about Arena Patron


Nice meme


Praise be to the golden mechathun

may he carry us through this everlasting darkness


Today is the day lads