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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


at least when I’m playing odd pally


Crowd Roaster is just good value
You can go face with it so it’s battlecry is never wasted if you need a play


I think roaster is only minions


depends on how the odd paladin forces out the aoe and abuses pushes with Level Up


and the 4 health is just way too easy to trade into


ah rip it is just minions
yeah it’s not as good then


Can’t snipe Giants easily.

That’s my big problem with it.

totally didn’t just think about that


My bet is that blizzard was trying to call out a 4 mana 7/7

just the wrong stats in the wrong places


Doesn’t buff tunnel trogg

1 Star


Likkim is OP too

if wild still has aggro shaman

it’ll be in it


Wild has even shaman.


What in the world would i even replace a crowd roaster with though


but does even shaman have overload?


Supercollider I suppose?


Scorcher is good

but also maybe a Scalebane or Wyrmguard


wait you didn’t have supercollider in it already?


Wait, double Supercollider isn’t in the deck?

No it is


nvm already 2 supercollider

also i already have 2 scorcher

like all the good odd warrior cards are already in


I mean, Crowley I guess?


scalebane’s a decent dragon

and wyrmguard has dragon synergy that helps against aggro