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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


featuring Mustard for Battle, Forbidden Healing and other such pally classics


By the holy light


oh I forgot about molten giants


This is probably the list i’m going to play on launch though
I’d like to hear thoughts on it :thinking:


is this dragon warrior?


Odd Dragon Warrior yeah


They bamboozled Voone


The ‘buffed’ her


5 Mana -> 4 mana


Total “buff”


But looking at it

I don’t think crowd roaster will be good

might be better to have scalebanes instead


I’d drop 1 copy of Devastate and Crowd Roaster.

Then add two Dyn-o-matics


But too many dragons so it could damage your own minions with dynomatic


Not sure on Double Scorcher either.

@Marluxion What’s the wincon for the deck?


fatigue x4


The same as current odd warrior but with more midrange-y minions to control the board

Late game dragons help with tempo so you aren’t just hero power and passing as dr. boom


Pretty sure scorcher is being criminally underrated right now

5 Mana 3/6 Whirlwind is a great effect already

It could reasonably cost 6 mana and still be played


Don’t think you should run double crowd scorcher.

That’s more top end


the fact that it’s a dragon to enable emberscale is just a sick bonus

not to mention odd warrior is weak against odd paladin atm
this ups the winrate so much


odd warrior beats odd pally every single game