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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


How do you otk with Gonk?


Gonk + Innervate + Floop

Make Druid’s attack 5 or more

kill 7 tokens

and then otk the face for 35 damage at min


How does the attack buff stack?



Gonk one turn
If it survives, you win
If not

Floop - Taldaram = 7 Mana
Claw + Claw + 0 Mana spellx2 + Spirit of the Raptor= 10 Mana, 8 attack. You only need to attack 3 minions to win


If you have two gonks out
The attacks add up. You get super windfury


Well also just gonk + floop + innervate x2 + claw + pounce x2 with a board full of enemy tokens is also an otk



I’m stuck in wild both physically and mentally


I’m honestly more ready for the shirvallah holy wrath combo

got 5300 gold ready in 4 days


If you use Taldaram you don’t need the innervates


*Works less than 50 percent of the time w/ hemet

But the memes

It’s good


Baleful Banker
100% chance


Full Combo at Fatigue

Elekk + Shirvhalla + Baleful Banker + Holy Wrath
Guranteed 25 damage
Then next turn you just Baleful then holy wrath for another 25


It’s better like this

Shirvallah Time Out Elekk Banker x2


and then turn 2 wrath twice


That works too
Many variations work


Odd Pally might still beat up everyone thkugh


@Geyde want to see a degenrate paladin list for wild?






You have three win conditions

First win condition (Vs anyone):

Turn 3, Play Thekal Plus molten giants

Second Win Condition (Vs Control):
The Shirvallah combo

third win condition (Vs Aggro):

Board Control and Healing and eventually getting the combo if necessary