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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


It’s pretty funny with bouncing blades in wild
but that’s about it


I can even one up that
(I dusted it to craft the Glass Knight rest in peace) I had a golden Dragon Soul


I don’t think you can get much worse than a 3 mana do nothing weapon in priest


Yeah that’s pretty bad.
My golden Nat became a golden Mountain Giant which was then promptly dusted after they gave out the Hall of Fame dust.


You mean Molten Giant?


Fun deck if you have the cards


You should instead try Quest Shudderwock Shaman, it’s also a great load of fun


What is this? A game? How do I not know about this… (goes and gets game)


On an average turn 9, Shudderwock is going to be a 6/6 Divine Shield Taunt who draws you 2-3 cards (some flame eles too) and can copy himself up to twice depending on how many saronites

If you highroll, He will have Kalimos’ battlecry too (which is always positive even if it’s chosen randomly.)


It’s a deck archetype in a game xD


@Methnor Just had a game as my deck (above) VS that Hadronox druid
Was probably one of my most fun games of HS this Xpac
He had 4 Hadro’s go off due to cube


Hahaha that’s some crazy shit.
I’ve been playing a mind blast control priest that’s just been wrecking everything. Runs over Paladin and Warlock alike.


I tried it, went up against 3 tank-up warriors IN A ROW
and decided to stop.

I did end up dusting every single c’thun related card (since the decks are boring anyway) so i’m gonna be trying Hadronox druid for a while


I’m something like 6-1 with it, I only lost to Spiteful Druid that had the absolute nut draw. Just beat a Rush Baku Warrior but it was kind of a slog. Quest Baku Warrior might be harder.


The guy i went up against knew i couldn’t kill him ever if he reached like 60+ armor so he just kept tanking up
feels ultra bad

This druid deck is strong though. Like unironically strong, surprisingly.
Hard countered by hex and polymorph tho


Yeah but Shudderwock Shaman is rare now and Mage is practically nonexistant.
Funnily enough, earlier I had the quest to play 30 mage cards and I was on 23, so I slapped 30 mage cards into a Vex Crow + cheap spells deck, wanted to jump into casual for the quest, accidentally queued into rank 3 ranked, managed to beat a Spiteful Druid by turn 7


The Vex Crow Antonidas deck is silly too

Arcane Missles is so good against all the pallys around


I probably made a pseudo version of that except no neutral cards whatsoever


I’ve rebranded this thread

don’t mind me




the fact that it stacks with gonk floop is broken