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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


:b:ank Up Warrior has a chance once Shudderdick fades out of existence


It’s not lost on me that Baku/Justicar are the two hero power upgrading cards, and they expansions they both come from lol


i’m part of the problem


Not a fan of how the secret Paladin list looks like, 5 secrets with 2 bell ringers means you usually won’t have many 1 drops left in the deck for Liam. I didn’t craft him because of that.
I’m having a decent time with Spiteful Druid and Genn Handlock at around rank 5.


I’m also tempted to craft Hadronox for the taunt Druid list because holy fuck is that deck a pain in the dick.
Seems like Baku Hunter obliterates it if you don’t draw Rotting Applebaums though.


haha yes I know what these words mean :eyes:


Ashe start playing Hearthstone plz


But I’m poor :stuck_out_tongue:


I think with refinement it can even beat bakusmorc

It’s neat, but I don’t want to dust my wild collection for hadronox



“Free to play” :^]


I dusted 99% of the now-Wild legendaries, ones that will be of no use in Brawl ever.
I still have like 7k dust left.


I could probably get around that much too. I do have a golden Aya lying around. I like to remember my days of making an even larger man very fondly though

If i did dust some now-wild legends, it’d be for something dumb like crafting a Golden Face collector


AN EVEN LARGER MAN (body is complete)


I also opened 7 legendaries (including both Baku and Genn) in my ~80 packs at release though so that saved me some dust.
Plus Blizzard gave me 400 free dust (aka Blackhowl Gunspire) when the expac launched.


what did you say about my son

he’s no dust, he’s a real man’s win condition!


…y tho


I opened pretty much every trash legendary except Emeriss and had to craft the good ones.


I got it from a pack, i didn’t craft that chunk of garbage


I kind of wish they’d made it 3 damage to the enemy hero and 3 damage to a random enemy minion. That + Warpath would be a real deck then maybe probably not.


I can 1-up you in trash golden legendaries, a few days before Witchwood came out I opened a golden Nat Pagle.