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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


or if you wanted to counter it you’d just run skulking geist to destroy the innervates

it’s got better stats than zihi and doesn’t lower your own mana crystals


Geist counters it but geist is the only counter


also i wouldn’t craft this if you dont have every card

it’s not worth it

it’s gonna be a tier 2 or 3 deck (loses to hunter but beats classes that beat hunter)

also the deck will be unplayable without togwaggle and UI (Both rotating out at the start of the next year)


Yea, I’m just waiting for next year of standard and when I can play it on my phone. (Will get a new one soonish and the old one doesn’t have enough memory)


someone send help

also, I got gral and akali. maybe it’s time to have at least one memes deck in my collection?


try gonk


also annoying quest priest kept using zihi and seancing it so I couldn’t pull off my shirvallah otk unless by breaking it into two turns

which I did