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Hearthstone Discussion Thread


Prince Liam is the unsung hero of the new secret paladin, I mean what can you not love when you play Liam and the next turn, your Kathrena pulls out King Krush?


5 mana 5/5 Battlecry: Put cards you didn’t put in your deck in your deck


All hail the rng


Prince Liam win condition?
More like
Skulking Gheist getrekt condition


You know Geist only hits spells… right?


Yeah but if you’re playing Paladin you are playing Call to Arms on 4 every single game or you’re losing

That likely pulls the majority of your 1 drops


If you can’t manage to CtA on 4 you’re not gonna get past the early voidlords, nor are you gonna be able to control Face Hunter’s board enough.


Clearly you haven’t heard of Baku Paladin lol?


Baku Paladin is the exception because it essentially allows your hero power to become Call to Arms


Also genn paladin is much more fun :^)


You’re not a real man unless you play Even Shaman


I would play Even Shaman but then i’d have to craft a second Eel
And i dont like putting my dust in a trashcan when i can be spending it on important things, like crafting my golden Thrall Deathseer!


Why Even Shaman when Odd Quest Warrior is revived


gud dek pls trust


Only problem with that deck is it gets absolutely fucking destroyed by Shudderdick


But it kills most everything else


Aggro Paladin cries every time you tell them to get out of your jungle


You know what makes Paladin cry more?
Dropping a 4 mama 3/3 Lifesteal Divine Shield Taunt Windfury in Even Shaman :wink:


Do it in rogue instead
Because then if they can’t kill it you can cold blood it for MAXIMUM OVERKILL :ok_hand: :weary:


TBH everyone’s going to keep trying these new decks until they realize literally nothing in the meta has changed except Even/Odd Paladin