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Hack? Glitch? Weird game


You got that I meant png.


You did? I thought you meant ong


The funny thing is that Ong is the latin (based languages not latin) slang for NGOs


Neon Genesis… Ovangelion???


Non Governmental Organizations or whatever it is called


Never heard of them


Greenpeace, internacional aid (not made my the government) and that jazz



Now that I look at it I’ve heard of a lot of these people but not the blanket term


NGO for deathnotes when


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Appears to be a very specific vulnerability exploit by redirecting network packets. Not a hack since they aren’t injecting code or messing with our code, but a network exploit (by swapping out network packets or redirecting them to their own server).

The guy should probably be working at NASA, but instead is trolling people on a $9 indie game :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re in the process of patching it now. We may have even caught who was doing this (let’s wait and see – the vulnerability was very specific, so they are unlikely to get past ban evasion detection).


Yay for being technically right


Thanos hacked the network


but luckily doesn’t have the ability to snap his fingers.