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Hack? Glitch? Weird game


So every odd person died night 2… hack? glitch? Something weird going on…




This is not a coincidence. I’ve played two games where every person died n1 and games ended in a draw. Either a bug or someone is hacking.


I think it’s pretty much impossible to hack in tol if I’m not mistaken, I don’t know the specifics but from what I heard it’s very hard/impossible

probably a glitch


Or so it seems.


It is possible and there have already been several of them: DN hack (uploading personal images instead of drawing), name hack (uploading a huge text as a nickname), chat hack (spamming messages without being auto-muted by the system). There are topics on the forum where people were banned for using those, as it was considered as hacking.


I think there’s a difference between server/client blah blah blah I don’t know the technical stuff but I have a serious question

If it was a hacker why would they kill themselves as well?


also pretty sure that middle one was a glitch not a hack


Actually. Thanos hacked the game




perfect balance


The DN thing isn’t a hack, it’s a program that controls your cursor lmao

I even have it, although I’ve never found anything worth using it for instead of focusing on the game


Orange wrong thing

Let me see if I can find it


Okay I can’t find it but you remember when people were getting banned for png deathnotes






Fire that was false flags


orange they were false flags for a hack

whatdoyounotundestand he wasn’t talking about the cursor


Orange there are png dns
And yes I use two programs for DNs
But ongs are a thing


What are those