H_Hja - Scavenging: Abandoned Junkyard #1

Timer will start once you commit your first action.


Scavenge Rubble
Go South
Go East

5 slots maximum of item capacity.

Some items may have a maximum stack count.

can I drop items?

You can indeed drop items.

Everytime you move location it will decrease the timer by 10 seconds.

I will try and be as fast as I can.

ok I hope I am not too annoying with questions but

can I send 2 actions at same time to be faster

collecting items doesnt decrease timer by ten sec?

Collecting items does not decrease the timer.
You can send two actions at a time if it is scavenging.

/scavemge rubble

Iā€™d prefer you asked questions rather than not

/go east

You obtained 6 components.

You see people sleeping.

Obtain electrical parts
Move west
Move south
Move north

/obtain elec parts

You obtained 2 electrical parts.

/move north

You see a pantry with 3 food on it.
There are people sleeping.

Gather food
Move west
Move east

/gather food

/move east