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"Guide reports" button still showin


No, I’m not a guide anymore:

Happens on both Vulkan and DirectX11
Aditionally, when I click to gather my data first the button never got out of “checking eligibility…”
So I clicked it anyway
Now it is a button that is still stuck on “checking eligibility”, but is not clickable anymore
The “guide reports” button is not clickable


The game also crashes whenever I press the “X quit” button inside the program instead of closing normally as it used to do



Those are my configurations for running the game


why tf was this topic created in forum matches
@PoisonedSquid @Solic @eevee do your thing
I’ll joke with the title a little before it happens


@Mercenary Which topic do you want this placed? (Also, I’m sure you can also do it, but I don’t mind doing it)


This topic has been moved to correct subforum.

Please refrain from spam in bug reports in the future, it makes it harder for us to actualy find useful information in thread.


This is a known side-effect of Xblade’s new way of making closing the game faster. He might find a way to get rid of the error too in the future.

As for the Guide Reports button, if I remember correctly, it will be fixed again in the next patch (it is disabled so Xblade is not rushing the patch).

EDIT: I will let him know about the data button.
EDIT 2: The Gather Data button seems to have some visual bugs, but is still functional. I just tested it myself.


Nice, waiting 15 days for nothing


lol so you did get the .txt file on your desktop?


First how do I impede it from throwing things in my desktop because my main drive is D://
Second, no


Odd. Has it worked in the past?


Yes, it used to work in the past


Could you contact me on discord? My discord tag is on my profile so you can just add me if we don’t have mutual servers.




So we can troubleshoot the issue faster, since it seems like an issue only you have. Forums are slow.


It doesn’t matter what drive. It points it to %userprofile%\desktop

You likely did not – otherwise clicking it would work. It’s just a visual bug with the text: Not the button (it has to do with a translation feature – messes up non-static text).

Fixed pending next patch.

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