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Guide on writing log easy to understand. [2.0.2]


Im too tired looking at these logs so im making this hopefully someone will learn it and improve their writing skills!

  1. How to write your logs:
    -As writing your log, you must write with full info you got that night/day and be as easy as possible to understand!
  2. Based Class Logs:


Hunter doesn’t need logs

In fact its statistically better not to out your bears/how many bears you have


I know that!


There also 2 way to write Day Ablitiy:

D1: Scout 1 |
N1: Invest 2 |

N1: Scout 1 + Invest 2 |


Personally I find it’s fine to just use a number with the primary unlimited use ability (when applicable of course)


Hunter log

N1:bear or no bear…
N2:Bear or no bear…
N3:Bear, Wolf, or no bear/wolf.


so for example

N1: 2 - Success
N2: 3 - Immune
N3: Party
D4: Poison
N4: 5 - Prevented


Hunter log:

To bear or not to bear


Wouldn’t it be better to lie about you bearing or not bearing as evils usually trust you not to lie


Personally I just lie about my bear logs as Hunter. I tricked someone into thinking I was one of those idiots that spams bear N1-3 when I only used by first bear N3 after a successful bait


Mind meld nuke confirmed BD


I was executed anyway despite having killed someone with a DN.

Someone in the dead chat was like “what idiot bears all 3 nights in a row”. My response was of course “not me. I lied”


Reminds me of when I claimed Alch, never told anyone I was in reality Phys…
And got converted D6.
With other BD alive.


I prefer to abbreviate anything I can, or anything that will make my logs compact but still easy to read is good

Your logs are good for beginners, but are a bit too long for my tastes


We are heading to as easy as possible to understand, so removing the “Wine” words is fine but someone might not understood that!


Also what is more important is how to handle redirections


So lets say I’m drunk

I try to send 4 to 5. I get redirected from 4 to 7.

N1: (4->7) -> 5 - Worked/Immune


Your logs are gross get them away from me

N1 - Test - 10 | Cult
N2 - Test - 12 | Not suspicous
N3 - Smite - 14 | WO


Also noble you should say when you used day actions


Also as sheriff I wouldn’t include your scouts with your main logs