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Guardian (Neutral Support)


Guardian (Neutral Support) - Unique, Occ, Convert Immune.
Passive(1): In my Sted, if your target is going to be killed, you’ll take there place, expections are prince jail Execution, day execution and Hunters arrow.
Passive(2): Protector, Immune to occupation and redirection, if your target dies before you, you’ll die.
Day Ability(1): Stalk, You’ll occupy that player if they visit your target (Infinate)
Night Ability(1): Purge, Make your target immune and cure any bleeding, They will always appear as Blue Dragon even if not or framed, You’ll be Immune to attacks aswell. (3 Uses)
Night Ability(2): Revenge, Kill a player for voting your target (2 Uses)
Goal, Make sure your target Wins.

Targets cannot be: Prince, Mastermind, Hunter, Knight, Butler or Starting King.

Can be Fool, Scorned, Inq and Merc because they only need to see their target win, they may leave in a situation where their target wins before endgame.


owo i like this


Doesn’t stop the hunter from shooting a person. What kind of bodyguard doesn’t stop a bullet?


Would be very weird to program, but I guess it could work.


OwO I like u c;


A scared bodyguard doesn’t stop hunter bullet.


I like the idea. Trying to bring back old merc with contract. Current merc is useless in the game and adds nothing. I appreciate all people who try to bring him back. Here the one I tried to make Royal Guard (Merc with contract)


Old merc was my fav class in the game.

kinda sad.


I’d stop a bullet for you UwU


Immune to what?