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Guardian Angel (Neutral Support)


Guardian Angel (Unique Neutral Support)
If your target dies, you will suicide.

Whispers From Above (2 use):
Whispers between you and your target will be hidden.

Blessing (4 use):
Protect your target from all negative effects. (redirection, visit prevention, frame, mind warp)

Aegis (2 use):
Shield your target from all attacks tonight. (like a Merc shield).

Goal: Have your target win the game.
Cannot have Fool, Scorned, Pretender, Starting King and Prince as their targets.

Not sure if I want him to know his targets class or not.
Contract Merc was fun, so let’s try to reinvent him to fit the current meta.


guardian angel from town of salem?


I might’ve taken some inspiration from that, but TBH so has contract Merc.


The idea is great. But how you perform it is not in a good way.
-First, why you need whisper hidden, it almost no use as old merc. No one even bother whisper their contract, and that only raise the Mystic Meta, again.

-Second, prevent your target from taking negative effects. Sound kinda cool, but wasting a night on that ability is underpowered. I would made that a day ability that made you and your target guarantee to visit

-Final, having 2 shields on your target is abit overpowered with current meta.


the whisper only hides between you and your target with no one else


That is not needed and can be used easily as Mystic


Hidden whispers are so you can coordinate stuff with your protection target without the whole court being onto you.

Literally old CW empower.

The shields only apply for the night you use them on. By comparing it to merc shield I meant that it protects from all attacks.


Technically Merc came first


No one liked old CW empower (aka: magic barrier). Thats why we have the new one