Guardian Angel | Neutral Support (basically contract merc)

Guardian Angel | Neutral Support


(Devoted): If both of your bindings die, you will take your own life the next night.
(Soul Bind): Occupy and Redirection immune. At the start of the game, you are bound with two random players. You will not learn their classes, but you will know their numbers.
*can not bind with any other Neutral (excluding the NK), starting King, Knight or Prince

Day Abilities:
(Angelic Connections): If someone you are soulbound with is voted to be executed today, they will be pardoned. (1 use)
(Private Matter): Whispers between you and your soul bindings will be hidden from the public today. (2 uses)

Night Abilities:
(Angelic Shield): Redirects any non-conversion abilities directed to one of the players you’re soulbound with to yourself. You will be death immune tonight. Your target will not be notified you are protecting them. (3 uses)
(Angelic Wrath): Redirects any attacks from one of your bindings back to the attacker. (1 use)

Win condition: Ensure at least one of your bindings survives until the end of the game. You will gain an extra 25gp if both of your bindings survive.

Initially this class was going to be my proposed Merc rework, but somebody who’s name rhymes with Cape convinced me that the two classes could co-exist. And I also totally used some of his suggestion in mine :wink:

Apologies if some of the wording is confusing, this went through quite a few revisions before it reached this point. Might have missed something.

With With

Instantly confirms Angel.

Also, does the GA know who their bindings are?


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Fixed :smiley:

I think a class like this should have some sort of confirm, initially I was gonna have it be similar to contract merc where you had a notification of a merc (GA in this case) if they stood guard, but I decided against that.

This is certainly up for debate. I posted this because I wanted to hear feedback, after all!

Fixed. Forgot to put that back in, initially my idea was they’d learn class and number but CapeCec commented that PM was already there to learn their classes. Which I think makes more sense, the ability would be a bit pointless otherwise.

Oh no, I’ve been exposed!

spiritualist flashbacks

Was this an actual class?

FoL thing
The “was” is important

Please, tell me.

Didn’t really play with it too much
I just remember it being insanely broken in the right circumstances

Everything is insanely broken in the right circumstances.

But this more so
Like “couldn’t die by lynching” so
That’s the right circumstance
I think I remember how it works now
After some condition, (I think after spiritualist gets killed) it becomes revenant, a very powerful NK that can’t be killed by lynching, and possesses a person each night. The only way the revenant dies is if the person it possesses is killed at night
Pretty sure that’s how it works

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Seems totally fine.

I remember a game happening that proved otherwise forgot about it anywho you class reviewers can get back to reviewing this class I don’t belong in this category

I think a class like this would be too free to fakeclaim without some confirms.

But I’ve never seen Spiritualist/Revenent in action. Just heard the legends…

Sounded very fun and engaging to be against.

This is close to current FoL Merc. Some qualms I have with this is that it barely helps evils with their abilities at night. Occupying anyone that visits would also deter investigatives. Losing contracts due to invests would be a relative unfun experience. Alternatively, have them be tailored or also redirected to you. Currently, I don’t see much incentive for this class not to claim, it being powerfully BD-sided if it does openclaim and their targets are BD (which has high probability if you do uniform distribution) and quite weak if it has scum targets.

Also don’t like the confirm to everyone mechanic in pardoning your target. Sure this can be faked to get an execution, but the redirect and hit a death immune is also a loud effect for a Knight.

Any reason why Hunter can’t be a target? I would look more to something like Knight not being a target, because of their guilt passives and the Merc having no way of keeping them alive. (Yes, this spectrum of contract classes imbalance also lives with FoL Merc, but I guess there is no perfection possible)

Buffed Drunk back in the day time?

I don’t like double contract but this would be better then nothing

I’d rename it to Guardian or something like that to not be confused with Tos

I took quite a bit of inspiration from FoL merc :stuck_out_tongue: Initially I wanted it to be similar to old contract merc where you start with 1 contract, and then pick another if that contract dies - but that felt too BD sided. So my second idea was to have the second contract be randomly picked… but that didn’t feel right either. So FoL mercs “you start with two, keep at least one around” felt like a perfect compromise.

This is good feedback. Since my initial plan was to make this a Merc rework as opposed to a new class, I wanted the guard to be like Stand Guard, where no visitors could get through. But since I changed this from a Merc rework to a new class entirely, I wasn’t too sure what to do with the equivalent of SG.

How does this sound? Alternatively, I could turn the tailor into a day ability; but that would be useless if you had two BD targets.

I don’t disagree. That’s one of the things I couldn’t find much of a solution for. I thought of having one guaranteed non-BD target, but that just felt very open to telling the BD who your scum target was and defending the BD.

That’s fair. This is pretty shamelessly copied from a very old version of ToL merc, and I can see why it got removed. I couldn’t think of any other way of having a day ability to help a scum target, though.

It seemed a bit strong. If you give the Hunter death immunity at the right times early game they could hit lategame with three bears. But I could see the argument that Hunter could be a valid target.

Didn’t think of this. I’ll change it to ‘BD Killers’, as I think Hunter is a bit too powerful of a target.

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I couldn’t really think of a name that wasn’t Mercenary or this.

I’ll consider a namechange, but I don’t really want to rewrite a lot of the wordings since a soul bind would make a lot less sense if it wasn’t a Guardian Angel.

I think it’s more important to refine the class idea before semantics like that, at least.

The Holy Guardian

That’s plausible.

I’ll keep it as is for now, but that’d probably be the easiest way to rename it without redoing ability names and such.