Grand Idea Turbo - 4/13 - Town + BD win!

It’s Grand Idea, you know how GI works

Days are 15 minutes, nights are 5 minutes + action processing time. There is a D1 execution.

All uninformed majority factions that roll will be aligned, and will check as town/blue dragon/etc. for the purposes of alignment checks that don’t explicitly distinguish the two

Informed minority factions that roll will not be aligned if they are different factions (e.g. the Syndicate and the Unseen are not aligned)

The standard uninformed majority wincon is ‘Defeat all scum factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm’

The standard informed minority wincon is ‘Defeat all other factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm’

A majority of the game will be town but balance is not otherwise guaranteed

All scum factions that don’t have some other form of consistent killpower, or conversion, will have a factional kill

I reserve the right to modify or not use classes

There may or may not be a starting King, if there isn’t a King D1 will start with a King election

Player List

  1. Eli
  2. Amelia
  3. Magnus
  4. Light
  5. Boss
  6. Trochi
  7. TBE
  8. Gorta
  9. clonedcheese
  10. Derps
  11. Chloe
  12. Insanity
  13. Litten


rand me town traitor or bounty hunter evil client

How many players minimum?







who dis
also yay

i played wolfia with him last night
he’s chill
also owopenwolfer


Level 1 mafia player.

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all the cool kids are wolfia owopenwolfing


Ok hold on, I need to do something. I return in like 15 - 20 minutes


why not /in


i hope it hasn’t started

Okay, we have the minimum but I’m leaving sign-ups up for a bit

Intensify if you don’t make it back in time you can sub or spec