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Grand Idea - Quality Thread



Town Support

One-Shot Bulletproof (Passive) - Immune to death once. When you are attacked you will be informed of it.

Scream (Day) - Make a player unable to perform any day actions. They will not be informed. (3 Uses)

Guard (Night) - Redirect all attacks toward the target to yourself. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Enforcer, Bouncer, Knight, or any other support based conversion for other factions.



The Kobold

Neutral Investigative
Hiding from Sunlight (Day) - Become immune to death this night. You must have a “yipp yipp!” on all your posts for this to work. - 3 uses
Dragonkin (Day) - If a player has posted less than 50 posts during the day, mark them. You will know their win condition after two cycles. - Infinite uses
The first rule of the Kobold Fighting Club is… (Night) - Determine if a player can win with you. - Infinite uses
Yipp Yipp! (Night) - Remove a post restriction from a player. They must say “yipp yipp!” every post instead. - 3 uses
Eliminate all players (not factions) with “eliminate” or “defeat” on the classcard's win condition as it is listed in the GI thread



All players are secretly survivors. Game ends at Day 5.



Loudmouth hell
Every feedback is publicly revealed to the Court at dawn.




Neutral Support
Comprehending the Heart (Passive) - You are married with one player, who is not necessarily able to be converted or from a good faction. You will share wincons with them. If they get converted or killed, the usage of To Sacrifice is mandatory on the next night.
Mirror Script (Passive) - You will absorb all attacks done against you. Each one of them will give you a Charge. You can also perform two actions every night.
The Cluster (Day) - By default, you are connected to the Cluster. You can use one day action to abandon or rejoin it. Being inside the Cluster allows you to suffer all effects to actions caused on your lover. Being outside the Cluster allows secret communication with your human lover. (Infinite uses, 2-day cooldown)
Naming Oneself (Day) - A random word from a dictionary will be picked out. This will be your name. If someone says your name, you can choose to grant them day immunity for the remaining of this day. (3 uses)
Far Cry (Night)
Normal attack as long the player had claimed a class without a human or machine theme or attacked you before - 1 charge
Ninja effect to attack - 2 charges
Strongman effect to attack - 2 charges
Attack anyone you want - 3 charges
Those powers can be combined. An attack with multiple of those powers is considered only one action.
To Sacrifice (Night) - Kill yourself. Gain a charge to spend at this night. (1 use)




Neutral Killer
Passive: Ritual

Dies night 1 and becomes a Revenant
Your goal is to erradicate all main factions and neutrals that would stand in your way.



If you roll this slot, pick the Spiritualist (26) first.


Neutral Killer

Dead (Passive)
The Revenant appears as dead, because they are. The Revenant cannot directly be targeted by any day or night abilities, because they are dead. The Revenant cannot vote. While the Revenant still exists the game will not end

Chilling Aura (Passive)
While you exist, every player shall know that you do by the message of “The haunting presence of a Revenant fills the castle” at every time a new day starts. Abilities that detect visiting players can detect the Revenant visiting their bound player every night.

Wailings (Passive)
You may speak to the living during the day, however you also talk to the dead (not the priest) by the use of a special PM, Discord channel, Yahoo! thread or whatever your hosts wishes to.

Soul Bind (Day Ability)
Bind your soul to a living player for the following night and the day after. The use of this ability during every day is mandatory. If this is not used, the same target from before is picked; if there was no target before, a random alive player is selected. If the target of “Bind Soul” is killed in any way while their soul was binded with the Revenant, the Revenant will be erradicated for good. A Reaper receives 2 souls by reaping a bound player. - Infinite Uses

Haunt (Night Ability)
Haunt a player, killing them. If they are immune, a second haunt will kill them - Infinite Uses

Win Condition: Your goal is to erradicate all main factions and neutrals that would stand in your way.



Chururira Chururira Daddadda!

Neutral Killer
Passive - Chant along! - At the start of day 1, if this class is present, the host will announce that “Tension runs through everyone inside the classroom.”
Everyone who visited you will be forced to post the lyrics of Chururira Chururira Daddadda next day. At the end of day, they will be “punished” (A.K.A killed), piercing death immunity, and erasing their logbook and class card, reveal their logbook and class card to yourself privately.
The post restriction also applies to the neighbourhood chat. If the player who got affected breaks the post restriction, they will be modkilled immediately, along with one person of your choice (and of course, their logbook, class card will be erased and will be revealed to you, too.)
Passive - I won’t stop till I’m the last one left~ - You are night, day, occupy, and redirection immunity. This passive will be disabled when there are 5 players remaining (including yourself), because you think the sole survivor has been determined.
Day Ability - Come! Come! I’ve got some info! - Target someone and attempt to guess their faction. If you guess their faction correctly, they will be immediately killed, piercing death immunity, wiping their class card and logbook, and also revealing their class card and logbook to yourself, in addition, you are allowed to guess again. (maximum 3 guess per day) If you guess incorrectly, disable your own two passive for one night and prevent you from guessing again today. [infinity uses]
Day Ability - Come! Come! It’s erasure! - You frame someone for tonight. If someone visit the target you framed, both the target and people that visited the target will gain the post restriction effect of Chant Along! [3 uses]
Night Ability - Everyone, in the blacklist class! - Redirect two people to two target of your choice. You can also redirect someone to yourself. You can’t redirect two target to the same target. You also can’t redirect the same target two in a row. [infinity uses]
Night Ability - Oh wow! They’re already gone, classmates at zero! - Check two player, revealing their faction to you. [3 uses]
Wincon: Be the sole survivor of the game.


sees Revenant, Spiritualist and that anime shit

I thought this was meant to be a Quality thread



Town Investigative

Twice per game, you may set up a camera in someone’s room at night, revealing their visitors to you for as long as the camera still functions. Once your target has been visited, the camera will break and will no longer show you visitors to that target’s room.

You win when all threats to the Town have been eliminated.



Neutral Killer

:cowboy_hat_face: (Passive) - Immune to death from killing abilities.
:gun: (Passive) - You can use as many abilities per cycle as you want. After using your sixth ability you must reload, preventing you from taking actions for the next cycle.

Yeehaw! (Day) - Prevent a player from voting for the rest of the day. (3 Uses)
Blast! (Day) - Blindfire at a player. This must be used four times over the course of the game to actually kill them. (Infinite Uses)

Boom! (Night) - Set off dynamite at a player’s doorstep, killing them. This will count as two actions for the purposes of :gun:. (3 Uses)
High Noon (Night) - Mark a player. You will learn their class at the start of the next night. Can target the king. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat all who would stand in your way.