Grand Idea: Organization

While Grand Idea is a place where anyone could create any mechanics, I mainly only see a few things:

Blue Dragon
Unseen (and slight variants)
Cult (and slight variants)

Now, while I do like the general Chaos of the Thread, it feels like something is missing… A place where new factions can be discussed. Because, let’s face it: Hand of Byzantium being fully ported over and even new classes add will only happen if someone starts up a spark.

Now, there is the “Xth poster gets a cookie” thread, but that just dissolves into memes and stuff. It also isn’t oriented at any particular place.

So, this thread is to give new faction developments a spark to start themselves, and discussion of Classes added to Grand Idea and variants.


I don’t get it

Also if you are talking about factions… just call it Factions instead of Organisation.

I’m organizing the GI threads, not Fractioning them.