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Grand Idea Mafia: FoL Edition


The Player

Blue Dragon Investgative
Passive: I HAVE SPOILERS-Immune to death by Monika
Day:Check out the club’s members: You will see what classes the club has-2 uses
Night:Write A Poem:check to see if someone is part of the club
You will win when you see the Club Fall and any other threats to the Blue Dragon


















Also fool what did you expect







Remve all fools and masochits and foolsochists from the game.

Re-roll this slot.




Remve all fools and masochits and foolsochists from the game.

Re-roll this slot.




Remve all fools and masochits and foolsochists from the game.

Re-roll this slot.


Add back in all fools, masochists and foolsochists if they were removed.
Re-roll this slot.



The Actual Mastermind

Neutral Killer
Plot Twist (Passive): You are immune to death and occupation. If you die and the game does not end, instead your flip will reveal you as “The Assassin.”
The Show Must Go On! (Passive): If you die while there are unseen/cult alive, a random convertible blue dragon will become The Actual Mastermind.
Puppet Strings (Day): Send two player’s names to the host. If the first player votes up the second player, their vote will count as two. [Unlimited Uses] (Only the host is informed of this.)
Scheme (Day): Send a single player’s name to the host. If that player dies tonight, another random player will die. [1 use]
Do the job for me! (Night): Force a player to kill another player. [unlimited uses.] (They will not know they’ve been forced to attack.)
Evil Laughter (Night): Tommorow, your laughter will ring out through the courtroom, giving the message “An evil laugh sends a chill down your spine.” Tommorow night, you can force a player to kill three people instead of one. [1 use.]
Your goal is to eliminate the blue dragon, the cult, the unseen and any neutrals who would stand against you.



Remove all fools and they cannot be rerolled into the game if this slot rolls. NO MATTER WHAT
re roll this slot



Le Grande Foole aka NozBugz

Passive - Immune to lynching

Day Ability 1 - Convert 75% of the players rounded up into a Fool.

Goal - Be lynched




Neutral Smartass

NO! (Passive) - You will know the identities of all Fools, Masochists and Foolsochists in the game. Once they are all dead you will become a random Blue Dragon class from vanilla FoL

IM TOTALLY GREAT AT SCUMREADING (Day) - Kill a player (Infinite uses)

Accidental Emerald Potion (Night) - Kill a player (Infinite uses)
You win once you become Blue Dragon (and win as BD)


Would Princess see this as “Dumbass/Smartass” with flirt? :^)

The Jester

(and no not the fool kind)
Neutral Killer
Escaped Convict (Passive): The jester cannot be jailed and is immune to occupation/death at night. (Prince’s jail will show up empty if he attempts to jail a Jester)
Something’s Fishy… (Passive): Anyone who investigates you will see you as a blue dragon social class.
Last Laugh (Day): Target a player, only they will know if they’ve been targetted. If you are executed by the court today, the targetted player will die as well.
Deadly Precision (Night) - Target a player and attack them. If they are healed or immune, cause them to bleed. Bleeding targets will die in one night if not healed. [unlimited uses]
Juggling Blades (Night) - Target 2 players. Anyone who visits any of these two players will be bled and die the next night if not healed.


Kills self



Passive:Who tf doesn’t know who their host is: You are revealed at the start of the game and become night and lynch immune
Passive: Jesus running a game is so hard: You cannot speak in day chat
Passive:Discord is good!: You have access to all scum chats and all classes of everyone is revealed to you
Night:Modkill-Modkill a player if you so please-3 uses


The Guesstimator

Neutral Scumreader

Passive - Know it all - You are informed of the exact classes which are in play at the beginning of the game. If you fail to guess everyone’s role 3 times you commit suicide.

Passive - ADHD - You MUST use a Day Ability every single day after N1.

Night Ability 1 - Who Dat - Reveal someones exact class to you. 3 Uses.

Day Ability 1 - Guessr - Guess every single persons role. 3 Uses.

Day Ability 2 - tee hee a fool again - Convert a player into a fool. 2 uses.

Goal - Guess every single player’s role correctly.