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Grand Idea Mafia: FoL Edition



Stop the Stop the Despacito

if this is rolled, give the player that would’ve had despacito before Stop the Despacito was used back despacito. If stop the despacito is rolled from now on, reroll that




If you roll this you must always post atleast 300 messages a day. If someone is posting more than you, you must post more than them. If these are not met you sucide for the fact no one noticed you


Stop the Stop the despacito
refer to 331


stop the stop the despacito
refer to 331



Game ending Jester


336-Strangle (Class Unknown)
Passive-STRANGLE HANGS- You will most of the time always get hanged and never get fool
Night ability: Choose a horrible class- Lose your mind



337 (Number yours Strangle)
The misjudged (Blue Dragon)
Captain Nerbins: Complain about how you always get lynched or die. But at night, you can investigate two people as sherfy thing. ( P )
Celeste Ludenberg: “Jokingly” claim scum or die. However, you can listen to scum speak at night with this thing. ( P )
Lymphoma: Try to bait people into slipping somehow. If you do not have a “trap”, you die. However, you can set up traps around two peoples homes, and only scum will be harmed. ( P )
Pug: Stay silent the entire day. However, you choose to communicate with two people at once at night.( P )
You only have to do one of these things a day and night. You will be alerted as to which one it is.
Goal: Win with Blue Dragon.


(What about me)


Mate I have edited mine.



Llanowar Elves

Tap: Add G to your mana pool.


I’ma lightning bolt it.



The Effector :shield:

Neutral Special
Bored in the Grave (Passive)- If you die , you can still use your night abilities.
Bless (Night)- Give a player a positive effect. Infinite Uses
Curse (Night)- Give a player a negative effect. Infinite Uses
Use an ability every night until the game ends.

Positive Effects

Activate: If a player has a defence mechanism it will be unusable until someone tries to perform an action that would make the defence successful. When this happens , you will be forced to use the ability. If a player does not have a defence mechanism , they will beneficially target someone with their ability. if they are attacked. 1 use

Backup: If a cop/doctor-type role dies tonight , target player will take their place.

Bulletproof: Target cannot die tonight. This will be randomly passed onto another person if they are attacked. 1 use.

Day: Target will be able to also use their night abilities at day tommorow.

Deathproof: Target cannot be killed in anyway or lynched for 2 nights. 1 use.

Doublevoter: Target player can have two valid votes tomorrow.

Loved: Target player will require an extra vote to be voted tomorrow .

Loyal: Target will be occupied if they attempt to target someone who wins with them tonight.

Lynchproof: Target player cannot be lynched tommorow.

Ninja : Targets action will not count as a visit tonight.

Reflexive: Target player will kill their next visitor(s).

Self-Aware: See everybody’s action tonight. Not what abilities. 1 use.

Strong-Willed: Target will become occupation and redirection immune tonight.

Triggered: If target player runs out of limited abilities , they will take the player below’s limited uses and give it to themselves.

Vengeful: If target player is lynched today , they will be able to kill someone of their choice.

Negative Effects:

Conceal : Target will appear as suspicious tonight.

Ascetic: Target cannot be targeted by anything but night kills tonight.

Beloved: Target player will cause the next day phase to be skipped upon death. 1 use.

Compulsive: Target player will be forced to succeed in a night action tonight or die. 1 use

Delayed: Target will receive results 1 night later tonight.

Denied: Target will not be able to use their night abilities on odd nights. 1 use.

False: Target player will lose all abilities. 1 use.

Hated: Target player will take one less vote to be voted up tomorrow.

Hidden: Target player will not know what happens to them tonight , except death.

Loud: If target player visits someone tonight , the person that they visited will know they did.

Macho: Target cannot be saved by protective roles tonight.

No Plz: Remove targets night abilities. Target will only be able to use night abilities if they say “Nibble” 3 times consecutively within chat , on seperate messages. Another player will have to say NightX before this in the day , and after you say Nibble thrice , the same player must say Nibble before another player says a message. 1 use.

Novice: Target will not be able to use night abilities tonight.

Percentagize: Target players night ability only has a 50% of actual success.

Anti-Firekitten: Target player only has 25 posts per day. If they exceed this they will be modkilled.

Regretful: If you die , target player dies. 1 use.

Self: Target player will unkownigly target themself tonight.

Suicide: Target will die in 2 nights. 1 use.

Voteless: Negate targets votes tommorow.

1-Shot: Target only has 1 use of all their abilities.


I see you as man of culture as well.


How dare someone be anti fire kitten!


Bullet proof.

(you have to put a role in each post numbskulls)

(also I like how cheesy just added every single common role modifier to a single class lol)


340 Guiltless Vigilante

(Shush it was fun but long ok)


341: CheesyBurrito - Named Citizen

342: NuclearKnives - Named Goon

The ultimate showdown :^)


342: Goo. The really good bested role ever.


343: The Cool Mod :sunglasses: Neutral, non-convertable
Intimidating shades: Anyone who tries to kill or convert you at night can not do any actions the next day and night. The kill can be successful. ( P )
Scumhat snail armor: Immune to death at night by donning scumhats. Name of the hats is very misleading when deciding what faction you think it belongs to. (N 3.)
Seal powers: Orf. [ Anyone who votes the Cool Mod at any time will have Seal Powers on them. Seal Powers will only last until the next day.] ( P )
Mod aboose: Anyone with Seal Powers on them can be targeted to die tonight with mod aboose. Only
one person can be selected and it can not be blocked as hammers are very hard and scurreh. (Night Infinite.)
They must survive to keep being cool. :sunglasses:

(I had fun with this.)


344: Fluffy Litten - Town Social/Voting

Passive: Fluffiest Kitten - You must post at least 150 messages per day or you will be mod-killed

Day: Follow Me! - Target you distracted last night will be forced to vote the same as you today. They will also be unable to talk for the remainder of the day or must post more than 150 messages or they will be mod-killed. (3 Uses)

Night: Ooh Shiny! - Distract someone, preventing them from voting tomorrow. (Infinite)

Night: Pet Me! - Target will take 2 less votes to hammer. They will be unable to talk tomorrow (2 Uses)

Night: Bedazzle - Force someone to type every word wrong for the rest of the day. They will be mod-killed if they fail. You or your target will be night immune tonight. (2 Uses)