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Grand Idea Mafia: FoL Edition



The Empath

Neutral Investigative
Soul Shielding (Passive) - You are immune to death at night.
Empathy (Day) - The target player can’t be voted for treason for the rest of the day. - 2 uses
Soul Link (Day) - Choose two players. They will suffer the negative effects that the other is targeted with, including attacks, and anyone investigating either will receive results for both (The results will specify which of them got which result). - 3 uses
Heart Sight (Night) - Learn a player’s faction. - Infinite uses
Emotion Barriers (Night) - All players become immune to visits tonight. - 1 use
Survive, and use Heart Sight on every player that lives to the end of the game.



Merchant (Neutral Offensive)

Passive: Haggler: Immune to occupation and redirection.

Day Ability: Pay Bail. Force pardon the person on trial. They cannot be accused again that day. 1 use.

Night Ability: Sell Wares: Occupy target player. Unlimited uses.

Night Ability: Advertise: Redirect all visitors to you to your target.

Swindler (Unseen Offensive)

Passive: Haggler: Immune to occupation and redirection.

Day Ability: Hush money: Target player can’t vote today. 3 uses.

Night Ability: Sell Wares: Occupy target player. Unlimited uses.

Night Ability: Advertise: Redirect all visitors to you to your target.



The Prince, but can be converted to:

Unseen Offensive


Passive: Royal Blood: [Only usable upon the death of a king] As a Royal, you can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.

Day: Lock up: Lock up a person in a cell for tonight (Looks like prince cell) but you can’t see what they say and you can’t talk (3 uses) (If fails, it will not take a use)

Day: Search!: Search a Player for their journal allowing you to read it. (2 uses)

Night: Interrogate: Visit the Cell at night and talk to the person in the cell as if you were the prince (You will appears as the prince) (Can’t be stopped via Occupy) (2 uses)

Night: Command: Command a Player to visit another player (Counts as occupation, so anyone immune to occupation will be immune to it). They will know if this happens (5 Uses)

The Executive is courtesy of Braixen, SFoL 12.


Maniac (Neutral Special)

Passive: Paranoid: Cannot be killed by Unwitting Murderers.

Night Ability: Make Insane: Turn a player into an Unwitting Murderer. 3 night cool down.



The Interrogator

Unique Blue Dragon Offensive
Ruthless (Passive) - Immune to occupation and target changing.
Questioning (Day) - Choose a player to take into custody tonight. This night, they will be occupied, and may speak to you. You cannot speak to them. Bypasses occupy immunity.
Ominous Whisper (Night) - Send a message to the player currently in your custody.
Maim (Night) - Maim the player in your custody. They become permanently occupied at night until the end of the game unless they are healed by a Physician. Bypasses occupy immunity. (2 uses)
BD victory goal.

Note: The Prince takes priority over the Interrogator if they both target each other. Also, if an Interrogator takes a Prince into custody, their Imprison will fail - and if the Interrogator is Imprisoned, Questioning will also fail.



The Cult Bleeder

Unique Cult Killer (can be converted from Hunter)
Endurance of Corax (Passive) - Immune to occupation, target changing, poison and bleeding.
Madly Dedicated (Passive) - You do not become the Cult Leader if the Cult Leader dies, under any circumstances. Instead, the next Cultist in line becomes Cult Leader.
Rupture (Day) - Cause a player to bleed. They will die in two nights if they are not healed. (4 uses)
Disembowel (Night) - Send a dark fiend to mutilate a player, killing them. If they are night immune, they will bleed and die next night if they are not healed. (2 uses)
Blood for Mithras (Night) - If a player dies to bleeding tonight, regain a charge of all your abilities.

Cult victory condition.



Bastard (Neutral Investigative)

Day Ability: Hide: You cannot be visited tonight. You will be occupied, and Barrier cannot stop it. 2 uses.

Night Ability: Check Heritage: Determine if somebody has Royal Blood. Unlimited uses.

Night Ability: Assassinate: Kill somebody. If they don’t have royal blood, commit suicide. 1 use.

Survive to see everybody with Royal Blood dead.



Marcus’ Spirit
neutral Forced-Observer
I have school, Im not ‘ghosting’ you - unable to talk on days divisible by 3 (or nights if scum). On the nights of those days, you are able to talk to the dead, but you don’t get any night results, other than changes of state (poisoned, bleeding, dead, etc. anything he could notice after it happened.) you cannot use any night abilities on these nights.
Ghosts are intangible - while your class card may change, when it does, aside from things that automatically come with a faction, your abilities and goal cannot be changed, unless something specifically bypasses this

Night Action 1: Ima sit this one out - this night, you will not be given any night results except changes of state, but you will be immune to occcupations, attacks, redirections, forced visits, etc, but all investigators will be given told exactly who you are. - 2 uses
Night Action 2: Im original! - choose 3 targets. use the first night ability with a use (doesnt deplete) from the first target. the other two are for if that ability needs target/s. if the chosen target is incompatible, you will be notified and instead a random compatible target will be chosen. - 3 uses

Day Ability 1: Im Original! - same as Night Ability 2, but for day abilities, and if incompatible target/s, you will instead be told, but the ability will do nothing and the use wasted. - 3 uses
Day Ability 2: Ghostly Meditation - restore a use on an ability, or force the I have school, Im not ‘ghosting’ you effect to trigger next day/night - 1 use



Cult Leader



Cult Leader



Cult Leader



TOS Sheriff except he can find unseen


171 Investigator

Narrow down someone’s class to a random 3, only one of which is their real class.



Tyrant Prince (Neutral Killer)

Passive: Royal Blood.

Day Ability: Imprison: Jail someone, occupying them and allowing you to speak with them. They will know you are the Tyrant Prince.

Night Ability: Murder: Kill the Jailed Person. Unlimited uses.

Night Ability: Slaughter: Kill anyone who would visit you target. 4 uses.


198 (you guys miscalculated a few posts ago it seems?)

Dangan Debater



Dangan Debater


(There were some posts earlier that didn’t contain a class. I believe the count is correct.)

The Ironclad

Blue Dragon Killer
(This class does NOT Count as a neutral killer.)
Burning Blood (Passive) - The first time you are attacked at night, you will not die.
Orichalcum (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirections of any kind.
Battle Trance (Day) - Tonight, your Clash ability will attack the target instead of occupy if the target isn’t blue dragon. ( 2 uses)
Clash (Night) - Occupy a target and learn their faction. If the target is blue dragon, you will be unable to use this ability tommorow night. - 5 uses.
Ghastly Armor (Night) - Prevent any visits on a target tonight. If someone attempts to attack them, they will be occupied the following night. - 1 Use.


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Post 203

Dies N1 Lul

Named Citizen that dies Night 1, nothing can prevent this

SFoL15:Grand Idea (Canned/Lit Club Win)