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Grand Idea Mafia: FoL Edition


Grand Idea Mafia is a gamemode originating from MafiaScum

Every post here must contain a class, it could be an existing one or something new
When someone hosts a game, they should randomly generate a post, and therefore a class, for each player
GIFoL games would fall under SFoL
Special FoL Specific Rules:

  1. If a converted class is not given, Neutrals should automatically be considered immune, and Blue Dragon should become a randomly generated class
  2. Converted classes can spawn at game start
  3. No caps
  4. No limit on number of factions
  5. King can be any faction of those in the game, even new ones, if you make a Buttered Popcorn faction you can have a Buttered Popcorn King
    Host Notes:
    The host has the right to reject any class if they so wish
    If a class has no specified wincon and is not a preexisting class in FoL or Grand Idea, it is general practice to make is Blue Dragon

So without further ado let’s do the thing

I’ll start

1 - Observer

SFoL15:Grand Idea (Canned/Lit Club Win)
SFoL 28 - Grand...ish Idea! - Blue Dragon (except Memesky), Dreaming God and Foolsochist Victory!
SFoL15:Grand Idea (Canned/Lit Club Win)
SFoL13: Pestilence (BD & Alchemist Win!)

2 - Revenant


3 - Cult Leader


4 - Acolyte


5 - Mercenary


Post 6

You may convert another player into a Vampire each night. This goes through all immunities except specific Vampire immunity. You cannot be converted. You win if Vampires have majority at the end of the day.


Post 7

#Vampire Hunter
Each night you may visit somebody. If they are a Vampire, you will kill them. You are immune to Vampire conversion. You do not require living Vampires to exist, and will not be informed if they do. You win if you survive to see the Vampires win.


8 - Knight


Post 9

Blue Dragon Citizen


10 - Blue Dragon Citizen


Post 11 New King type:
##Suicidal King

This King shares the same abilities as The Fool from Throne of Lies, instead of guards to protect people from harm, the king send servant to player’s room and retrieve the room key from the player, locking the player from outside the room - Occupying the player instead, Two uses of that ability but is not immune to occupying and thus can be prevented to occupy someone, the suicidal king’s goal is to get himself executed by trial, after achieving the goal - every role type except the special-type won’t able to perform night actions for one night.


Post 12

Black Rose Goon that is told they are a Blue Dragon Citizen and cannot talk with the other Black Rose member(s) at nights


13 - Mistermind

Can only convert Male Players


14 - Missmind

Can only convert Female Players


15 - Mind

Can only convert non-binary players


16 -

##Alpha Werewolf
Thick Skin - You are immune to death at night
Savage Mauling - Attack a player, this has a 50% chance of killing them and a 50% chance of turning them into a Beta Werewolf(17)
Your objective is to kill or convert everyone who stands in your way


17 -

##Beta Werewolf
Savage Mauling - If there is no Alpha Werewolf(16), the Beta Werewolves vote on a target to kill
Your objective is to kill or convert everyone who stands in your way


Post 18 - Ultramind

If there is more than one mind in play, they will hydra into Ultramind instead while keeping their original abilities.


Post 19 - Physician


20 -

##Alien Invader From Planet Burbletrousers
Unearthy Presence - Any investigative class that visits you will see you for what you are
"You don’t wanna know where I stick this Probe" - Each night you may abduct a player, they will not be present for the next day’s discussion, they will return afterwards, there is a 1/3 chance they will survive, a 1/3 chance they will die, and a 1/3 chance they will become infected with a brain parasite, the brain parasite will kill them should they mention who or what you are, also they will win with you
Blaster Pistol - Kill a player at night instead of abducting them
Advanced Technology - You are immune to death at night
Your objective is to kill everyone