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Grand Idea FoL - Turbo Edition


The Ashe thread is not possible to use for turbo and semi unfair. For the hosts and for the players. So I made this brand new Grand Idea FoL Turbo Thread. Turbo hosts can choose from this list and the Ashe list.


  • All posts must contain a class. This could be a new one or an existing one from the Ashe thread. If you want to transfer classes over go ahead but they are allowed to be rejected by an FoL Moderator or me, the creator of the thread. Hosts can reject any classes they want.
  • Bastard Mechanics can added to the game but like classes, can be rejected by me or the FoL Moderator team. Hosts can reject any Bastard Mechanics they want.
  • You must include a number of classes/bastard mechanics at the top of your class.
  • Class Template use this for the class template.
  • Classes can NOT prevent others from spawning, unless you created both classes or the other player gave permission.
  • You can edit parts of classes in the future.
  • Consecutive duplicate posts off a class is banned unless that class is similar if not vanilla town.


If a converted class is not given, Neutrals and scum faction classes should automatically be considered immune, and Blue Dragon should be considered convertable, with their unseen version having the same abilities that their Blue Dragon form does.

Converted classes can spawn at the start of a game.

There is no limit to the number of factions that can appear.

The King can be any faction of those that appear in the game, even new ones. If a Buttered Popcorn faction member is rolled, you can have a Buttered Popcorn King. The chance for each individual King to appear is always the same as any other King.

Extra Rules:

  • All classes can’t just be “The Alchemist” as it can get annoying for the person hosting the game. All classes must show abilities and others. If you want to add a post restriction to a class. Post the class in the thread and add a new passive or ability that you want to.
  • Classic Wincons for factions - These can be changed if wanted:
    Good Factions: Your objective is to defeat the evil faction(s) and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.
    Evil Factions: Your objective is to defeat the good faction(s), any other evil faction(s) and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.
    Neutrals: Survive - This is just the base wincon a player will get if a wincon is not stated, I recommend putting a custom one for Neutral classes.
    Neutral Killers: Defeat the main factions and any other Neutrals that dare stand in your way.

And to start this thread:


The Butler

Blue Dragon Offensive
Dutiful (Passive) - Immune to occupation and target changing.
Nightshade Wine (Day) - Poison The King, causing him to die tonight if not healed. The king will not be informed if he is poisoned. If the King is apart of the Blue Dragon, you will commit suicide. - 1 use, available starting Day 2
Serve Wine (Night) - Occupy a player by getting them drunk. - Infinite uses
Concentrated Wine (Night) - Throw a party, occupying all players who visit you tonight (Bypasses occupy immunity). - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Evil Faction(s), and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



The Predator

Neutral Killer
On The Hunt(Passive) Immune to Occupation and death at night.
Last Laugh(Passive) If killed at night, Kill all visitors visiting you. Does not work if jailed.
Ultimate Predator(Day) Only Clickable If you have 3 trophies. Wins the game. You can choose if you wish to leave or stay. Staying will allow you to gain more trophies, allowing more gold at the end. The amount of Gold you get is dependant on the amount of trophies you have.
Blaster(Night) Fire a beam at someone, removing all death immunity on them for the next night. 3 Uses, doesn’t inform the target.
Skin(Night) Kill a player, giving you a trophy. The Prince, Mastermind, Cult Leader, and the King give an extra Trophy.
Infinite Uses.
Your objective is to Collect 3 Trophies, and leave the castle.
Immune to Conversion


(you forgot to include a class)
@WazzaAzza would it be okay to just have a class name, if a link to that class is inlcuded?


The Roleplayer


I worded it wrong. Also try not to post without a class. It will be re-worded in a moment.


Vanilla Town

Town Useless
Useless (Passive) - You have no abilities. Your only ability is to vote.
Your objective is to defeat the Evil Faction(s), and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Also yes Simon, that is okay.


(TFW you reworded it but it still says ‘off’ instead of ‘of’)


Town Useless
"Useless" (Passive) - You have no abilities. Your only ability is to vote, except, you cannot claim to be a litizen, citizen, or any other citizen analogue



Town Support

One-Shot Bulletproof (Passive) - Immune to death once. When you are attacked you will be informed of it.

Scream (Day) - Make a player unable to perform any day actions. They will not be informed. (3 Uses)

Guard (Night) - Redirect all attacks toward the target to yourself. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Enforcer, Bouncer, Knight, or any other support based conversion for other factions.



Panicked War Veteran
Town Killer

Paranoia (Passive) - If a player were to attack you at night they will die with you.

Shoot (Night) - Attack a player. Disables your Paranoia passive. You cannot leave a deathnote with this ability. (1 Use)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Enforcer, Bouncer, Knight, or any offensive based conversion for other factions.



I propose that posts without classes be treated as “reroll this slot” classes, but not effecting the numbers, so that part goes untouched (i.e. continue numbering as if posts without classes had a class with the correct number)




Vanilla Town

Everyone edit your posts so they are a number lower. I’m getting a moderator to delete Merc’s post.





Town Killer
Bulletproof Shield(Passive) Immune to Death at night when LMG is active.
Pocket Jäger(Passive) Immune to bleeding.
LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED(Night) Mount your LMG, bathing your visitors that would dare take the hostage with lead.
standard town goal
Immune to Conversion

[Turbo] G! - Canned
Neutral G! Turbo - The Modkiller, The Fool and The Massturbator win!
GI Turbo Battle Royale - Game Over, Isaac wins
G! Turbo - But the players decide the special effect - 8/Infinite


Mastermind of the Killing Games

Danganronpa Special
Abuse of Regulations (Passive) - If you are lynched day 1, you will be able to still talk in the Danganronpa Chat at night.
Impaled (Passive) - You are death immune at night once.
Convert (Night) - Convert a player into the Danganronpa faction. This can not be used if there is already 3 members of the Danganronpa faction. - Infinite Uses (1 day cooldown)


Masterminds Spy

Danganronpa Killer
Apprentice (Passive) - If the Mastermind dies, you will become the new Mastermind.
Blackened Murder (Night) - Kill a player. - Infinite Uses.
Chapter 3 (Night) - Kill two players. - 1 use.


Can we just add no bastard mechanics

also change it so no classes can have permanent death immunity(only one time immunity) cause trying to get people to follow your wagon is a fucking pain in the ass


BD Social

Reveal (Day) - Reveal yourself as the Mayor and permanently make your vote count as 3. You cannot be lynched the day you reveal and may choose to do so right before you get lynched. This cannot be prevented in any way and you cannot lose or gain charges through other players. [1 Use]
Send Agent (Night) - Send an agent after a player, learning who they visit tonight. This cannot be occupied or redirected directly, and you will learn who your agent was redirected to if they were redirected or if they were prevented. This ability will be disabled upon revealing as the Mayor. [2 Uses]
Your goal is to defeat the scum factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


You can repost that with a class if you want.


Vanilla Town





Mafia Goon
Mafia Useless

Useless (Passive) - You have no abilities, but can preform the factional kill.

Your objective is to defeat the Good Faction(s), any other evil faction(s), and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



Mafia Goon



Lucky GM! You choose what class or effect should this spot have.



The Mercenary

Neutral Support
Looking for Work (Passive) - You have a predetermined target. If your original target dies, you will randomly select another.
Failure (Passive) - If your original target and your new target die, you will commit suicide.
Stand Guard (Night) - Protect your target from visits, and grant yourself immunity to death tonight. - 4 uses
Rebound (Night) - Kill a player who accused your target of treason earlier in the day. - 1 use
Your objective is to ensure that your target remains alive until the end of the game, your target is [x].



The Fool

Neutral Social
Trickery (Passive) - Immune to being occupied at night. Additionally, the night after your execution, all players who voted to execute you will be redirected to visit themselves.
Masquerade (Night) - Appear as the class, faction and type of your target to investigations tonight. Abilities that change the apparent class of your target will not affect Masquerade. Additionally, if you die you will also appear as the class. You will not know the class of your target. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to be executed for treason.



The Court Wizard

Blue Dragon Support
Magical Barrier (Night) - Protect a player from negative effects and conversion tonight. Does not prevent attacks. - Infinite uses
Ice Ward (Night) - Prevent anyone else from visiting your target. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.