Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version


Frank Turner


Musician Social

Wanderlust (Passive) - Each night, you have a 50% chance to wander off on your own. You will visit a random player, and they will know you visited them. You will become immune to attacks directly targeting you, and will share the effects that happen to your target, except for conversion. You will be told if this happens at the start of the night.

If Ever I Stray (Day) - Guarantee that Wanderlust will take effect, and choose the player you will visit that night. [1 Use]
Eulogy (Day) - Select a player. If they die tonight, you will be able to communicate with them for the next cycle. [2 Uses]

Love, Ire and Song (Night) - Choose one of the following effects to apply to a target:

  • Love - Your target will require one more vote to be lynched.
  • Ire - Your target will require one less vote to be lynched.
  • Song - Your target may post a 1000 character message to the thread through the host.

You must use all of these once before being able to use the same one again. [Infinite Uses]

Your objective is to eliminate the scum factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

(Yeah I made one of my favourite artists a GI class, whatcha gonna do about it)

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Town Social

Policy Lynched (Passive) - All votes for execution on you will secretly count as five thousand for the purposes of majority. When you are lynched a random BD-aligned player will die, and another will become the next Memesky.

No U (Day) - Gladiate yourself. (2 Uses)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

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This is Why memesky wont come back to us




A Mysterious Fellow

(hosts: give them this card, however they also have a passive that enables them to be immune to post restrictions and enables them to talk while dead. it is not to be on their card, however they should be told upon dying. also, dont give them the number for their class)


Victory Royale.

Your only ability is to re-roll
You already won


Chosen One

You can re-roll your class as one of the number 1-150 classes.
You can’t win unless you re-roll your class


Asectic Miller
Town Social

Bastard (Passive) - All abilities that do not kill will fail when targeting you. You also appear as suspicious to all investigative abilities for some reason.

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Technically, it’s useful for having an ability in game that has 50% to kill and then 50% to investigate, to fool that. Named vanilia town


Technically, it’s useful for having an ability in game that has 50% to kill and then 50% to investigate, to fool that. Named townie who has the ability mentioned in their name.



Twice per game, you can predict at night which person will be lynched the next day. If you are correct, you may gain an anytime vig shot.

Your objective is to defeat the main scum faction, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


the very generous post restriction

You can post 20 + 2*# of living players (max) times per day/night cycle, overriding other post-amount post restrictions
reroll this slot for the class to apply this too

have fun @WazzaAzza
dang you completed rolling just before i posted


The Prodigy


Musician Killing

Firestarter (Passive) - You are immune to any arsonist-like kills.

Omen (Day) - Choose a player. If they die tonight, gain a use of Invaders Must Die. [Infinite Uses]

Invaders Must Die (Night) - Kill any scum and third party-aligned visitors to you tonight. You will be immune to death when using this. [1 Use]

Your objective is to eliminate the scum factions and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

1507 - Dies N1, aligned with the Blue Dragon. You may cast votes even from beyond the graveyard, and your presence won’t count towards majority. If there is no convertable players left, it will be announced to all converters that you may be converted. If someone tries to convert you before that, they also suceed. If you are converted, it’s announced in the topic that you have been ressurected.

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“How many is that? I stopped counting a long time ago.”
You are the Unseen Support !
Maximus’ Original Sin (Passive) - Get modkilled at the middle of Day 5.
Passive: Fog - Invigorating an Unseen player with nothing channeled will make them appear BD. Invigorating a non-Unseen Player with nothing channeled will frame them

Day Ability 1: Channel Frost - Invigorate will make the target death immune (3 uses)
Day Ability 2: Channel Flame - Invigorate will make the target occupy and redirect immune (3 uses)

Night Ability 1: Invigorate - Apply the channeled effect on target player tonight. You will know if it is triggered. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: نامي - Roleblock target player. Infinite uses.


The Theurgist

"They were right to fear me. If only they had listened to their cowardice. Had they not taken my home with fire, I would not have taken their children.

Now I am banished to Wraeclast. I’ve heard the dark rumours… seen the terror in other exiles’ eyes. But to me one land is like any other. The elements are my allies, the dead are my servants, and fear will be my closest friend."

[Scum] Social
Deviance (Passive) - The Theurgist pertains to the non-town, non-blue dragon and non-green kraken faction with the less members. Neutrals do not count as a faction.
Lost Wolf (Passive) - You do not know who your scummates are. You are not in the factional chat.
Withering Presence (Passive) - You can talk to the dead. The dead shouldn’t be informed you are the Theurgist. If there are other deadspeakers, their role also shouldn’t be announced to the dead.
Wicked Wonder (Day) - Learn the names of all those who visited, last night, an alive player - 2 uses.
Soul Weaver (Day) - When there is a tie on the votings, you can select to mark two of the tied players. If one of them is lynched, the other will die in their place. - 1 use.
Vile Ward (Night) - Prevent a player from dying tonight, but do not heal any conditions they may have. - Infinite uses.
Necromancy (Night) - Revive a dead non-town, non-blue dragon or non-green kraken player for 2 nights. You will be revealed as the Theurgist - 1 use.


Le Necrobump

Random aligment
For every night you are alive you must Necrobump a past GI turbo.

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Extremely Evil Mod

Blue Dragon Social

Deflection (Passive) - All abilities targeting you will passively target a different random player.
Bullshit Extreme (Passive) - Your ITA shots will always hit. All effects that require the mod to lie to players will be outed at the start of the game (if there was a role immune to investigation, it would be known that there was one at the start of the game)

Bring balance to the forum by defeating the scum faction and all neutrals. And Fool.


Numbers are broken

Random aligment
Every odd day you are alive players will get a ITA shoot.The hit chance Will be calculated by:
Number of classes in ashe’s GI thread÷Number of posts.

Vanilla town


Totally good class

482 but change any mention of hjasik with a player in the game that can’t be hjasik

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