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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



The Citizen

Blue Dragon
Democracy (Passive) - Your votes count as 1.
Ghost Form (Passive) - Whenever you die, you will join the dead chat.
Mystic in training (Day) - Send an anonymous message to yourself. - 2 uses.
Royal Investigator - Select a player. You will be told if they are The King - 1 use.
Detective Work (Night) - Select a player. You will be told what their username is. - Unlimited uses.
Unstoppable Visit (Night) - Visits a player, bypassing occupation, healing, death immunity, redirection, visit prevention, knight guards, bear companions, tracking abilities, abilities that kill visitors, jailing and framing. The ability itself has no effect. - 1 use.



Eevee (AKA memesky but worse)
You start with 1 vote for the first 2 days but then secretly gain an additional vote every day after that. You are immune to death and win when the main factions are dead.



Balance? What balance?
you start off with 0 votes, but every time someone mentions bastard mechanics, you gain a vote. these do affect what majority is considered to be, although they only change the majority at the start of the day. These votes can be applied separately. anyone whom you are voting or you were voting as of the end of the day cannot visit you.



God Foolsochist
Neutral Special
Passive: If you are lynched, you may kill anyone of your choice on your wagon, bypassing everything. If you are killed at night then you will kill your attacked the next night bypassing everything. The game cannot end until you are dead or are the last one alive unless you were occupied 3 times.
Passive: You will be checked as whatever you wish, bypassing investigation immunities. If you do not choose anything, then a random class will be chosen for you that is not a fool or masochist type class. You may use both day and night abilities in a single cycle.
Day: Target 2 people, their visits will fail tonight, bypassing passives. (Infinite)
Day: You may choose what notification to send your target. You may change it as long as the general message is still the same. This ability cannot be stopped in any way. (Infinite)

  • Someone has linked you, you may send them a private message!
  • You are bleeding and will die in two nights if not healed!
  • You have been given a positive effect!
  • You have been given a gun!
  • You have been given armor!
  • You have been given a factional peek!
  • You have been given a medical kit!
  • You have been sponsored!

Night: Gain a vote permanently. (Infinite)
Night: Target a player, their vote will be worth nothing tomorrow. This ability cannot be stopped in any way. (Infinite)
You have already won. Cause as much havoc and chaos as you want.




Neutral Special
Buying Cigarettes (Passive) - Instead of replacing out. You may leave the game, killing your slot.
Your objective is to leave the game before night one.



The Mindwarper

Unseen Social

MODERROR (Day) - Send a message to the Court through the host. It shouldn’t appear as you have sent a message, but as a common host message. - 3 uses.
Telepathy (Day) - Anonymously send a single 1000 character message through the host to the a player. It will appear as if a Mystic had sent them the message. Cannot target the king. - 2 uses
Drug Dealing (Night) - Replace a player’s feedback with one of your choice. - Infinite Uses.
ERRORMOD (Night) - Send a message to the Court through the host. It shouldn’t appear as you have sent a message, but as a common host message. - 3 uses.


Converts to the…


Ticking Snail

Unseen Social

The snail is ticking (Passive) - The host will announce, saying that the snail is ticking, when there are 30 hours remaining in the Day.



The Arthritic Sniper

BD Killer
Snipe (Day) - Kill a player. This ability has a 50% chance of hitting the player directly above or below your target in the player list instead. - 2 uses.
Self-Defense (Night) - Kill everyone that visits you. This ability has a 50% chance of killing yourself instead. - 1 use.



The Blind Observer
Player gets the normal observer class card, but they will secretly always get the “No one visited your target” result.



If this slot rolls, the host will always give people wrong feedback on their abilities.



Put numbers on your classes

Omfg you’re so stoopid Special
Numbers Game (Any-Time) - Select a player, they will be given the number of their class.
Hatred (Night) - Re-roll this class and become death immune for tonight.
Your objective is to re-roll your class, if you don’t, you lose you stoopid idot


this class is ironically numberless



Assuming that was somehow a class. merc

Grand Idea FoL - Turbo Edition


Vanilla god
God(passive) everything you say in your >classcard DM always becomes true (this cannot >be in any way stopped)
you have already won



Meathead (430)



The Emoji Master

BD Special
Each night you can send a string of emojis to the host in your classcard. The host will try to interpret that as an ability.

Example: :dagger::fire: :cat: could be interpreted as “Kill Firekitten”



Haven’t we broken the rules?

Neutral Special
Wait a sec (Passive) - Realise that along with classes there are also Bastard Mechanics. You will be told all Bastard Mechanics are the start of night 1.
Mind Blown (Day) - Blow up someone, killing them, they will be told all Bastard Mechanics and die. - 1 Use.
Breaketh the Fourthwalleth (Night) - Realise that this is just a forum game and that you are wasting your time playing Forum Mafia. This will convert you into Rule Breaker (1490) (Only Starting Haven’t we broken the rules? can have this ability. - 1 Use.
Survive to see a player modkilled.


Rule Breaker

Neutral Special
What was that? (Passive) - If someone is modkilled unfairly, or by an ability. That player wont die and will instead modkill the player who tried to. If the host modkilled unfairly, that player will gain the ability: “Gun of Justice (Day) - Shoot a player, they will die if they have created a class on “Grand Idea FoL”, they can not shoot you or they will shoot themselves.”
Realization (Day) - Realise how stupid this class is and give a post restriction to a player of whatever you want. - 1 Use.
Hold it (Day) - Realise your name makes no sense and become the Guardian of Rules (1491) - Only starting Rule Breaker has this ability. - 1 Use.
Rule the Rule Breakers (NIght) - If someone said a Bastard Mechanic that exists, you will be told who said that and what Bastard Mechanic it was. The player who said it will die and will not flip. - 1 Use.
Get Modkilled (this is not an excuse to break the actual rules.


Guardian of Rules

Neutral Special
Extremely Unfair (Passive) - Remove all player’s passives until you die.
Those are not the rules! (Passive) - If someone says a rule or calls someone out on a rule that doesn’t exist, they will be modkilled.
Secret Spy (Day) - Revive a player, no one will know they have been revived. If they were scum, you will be added to their scumchat. The revived player will be said they are alive the next day. - 1 Use.
Special Seed (Night) - Gain the Passive “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner - If you are alive when there are two players also alive that have different factions, everyone will lose, if you revived a player, you will be the only winner.”
Revive a modkilled player.



If this slot rolls, everyone will be given a detonator just like in short fuse.



If this slot rolls, everyone will be given a detonator, just like in short fuse. However, they will all have their own detonator, and will not be told this






Doggo Cult Special

This medical dog has higher military rank then everyone (except main characters). It’s apparently that funny that eevee decided to make him a doggo cult leader.


  1. You cannot be killed in any way other than a lynch.
  2. As long as you are alive, all dead cult members will be cleaned on flip.
  3. You will peek as a role of your choice to investigatives.
  4. You are immune to occupation and redirection.

Convert (Night) - Convert a player into your cult. Bypasses immunities. (Infinite Uses, 1 night cooldown)
Rescue (Night) - Target up to two players. If they would be modkilled or killed the next day, they will instead join your cult. This may be done at the start of the game. (Infinite Uses)

Wincon: Eliminate everyone who does not belong to your cult.